Finished: Pale Blue Dress

And another dress is photographed. At the sewing course we are making half scale dresses, but this one is an exception. I liked the design and wanted to make it to my own measurements instead of another half scale one. 

After drafting the block pattern I altered the pattern to recreate the dress from the picture we got during class. I moved the shoulder dart to the waist to get more ease which I used for gathers. To get the blouse-y effect I added some length to the bodice. The skirt has waist darts and a simple back vent.

I didn't make a mock up but went straight for the real deal, because i was wondering how much my dress would resemble the picture at the first go. At the course we are trained to draft patterns based on pictures the teacher is handing out to us. 

If you compare the dresses you can see that my neckline is wider and my bodice is more blouse-y. The woman in the picture has a beautiful hourglass figure and I'm more a 'banana' so this changes the look of the dress as well.

When it comes to how the dress fits me I would have changed the arm-hole because this way it's a bit too narrow for me. I'm unable to wear bra's with straps because the neckline is a bit too wide. So would I make this dress again I would draft a smaller neckline. I also would have made a bigger vent to create more movement.

Normally I never wear narrow fitted skirts so I feel a bit uncomfortable and I'm not sure it really works for my figure. But it was a nice change to make something full size instead of all the half scale dresses and blouses I've been making so far.

It's interesting to see how a drafted pattern comes to life and how it might or might not differ from what you have in mind! 


Finished: Hot Pink Dress

Usually I prefer using printed fabrics over solid color fabric, but lately it seems I have converted to the solid color side. Both my recent makes and the sewing projects which I'm currently working are proof of this change.

The dress I want to show you today is a modern pattern which you can find in the January edition of Burda magazine. I made some changes because the pattern is made for knitted fabrics and I used unintentionally a woven fabric. The fabric I used was an online purchase and was sold to me as a stretch fabric, but when i received the fabric I discovered this wasn't the case. It was hard to find the right color so I decided to use this fabric anyway and changed the sewing pattern so it would fit me. 
The fabric is a very slippery woven rayon fabric. Alas it does crease easily but it's a real pleasure to wear :)

I intended to make 3/4 sleeves but accidentally traced full length sleeves and only remembered that I wanted 3/4 sleeves when I just finished hemming the sleeves. But I didn't feel like correcting this.

Sewing this dress wasn't difficult. The only more complicated part is the twisted part at the waist. Especially when you're not really good at visualising written descriptions like me. That's what I do like about vintage sewing patterns, they most often contain a lot of drawings and less words. But anyhow I managed to sew the pieces correctly in just one go, so it wasn't that bad!

Funny thing is that the city I'm living in is this years European Capital of Culture (ECC).Qhen I was wearing the dress for the first time and walked through the city center a photographer asked me to take pictures because he is working on a project which is part of the ECC :)

Are you more in to solid color fabrics or printed fabrics? Let me know! 


Finished: 1930s Inspired Halloween Dress


I'm a little behind with updating my blogs, but today I want to share the dress I made for Halloween with you. Since carnaval started yesterday I took the opportunity to write this blogpost and share my Halloween dress :P

When I thought about organising a Halloween party at my place I wanted to go for a witchy kind of look and was inspired with the velvet dresses from the 1930s. I love the long sleek silhouette and the sleeves of these dresses. 

With the help of my sewing teacher I drafted my own pattern. I bought a very cheap velour fabric to make a muslin and started to search for fabric for the real dress. But I never get to make the 'real'dress because I didn't have enough time and I really liked how my muslin turned out. You wouldn't believe I only spent like 10 euro's on material for this dress!

The upper part of the skirt is quite figure hugging and in the lower part I added four godets to give it some more flare and a wider range of motion. 

Since this is a muslin there are still a few alterations I would like to make if I would make this dress agains. First of all the train on the back of the skirt could have been made a bit bigger. I would have made a facing for the opening in the sleeves, now I just fold the seam allowance to the inside and used a invisible stitch to hem the seams. But the gap is quite wide and it will show the inside of the fabric. 

I didn't want to add a withc hat, instead I made a headband with some fake flowers. The sash I borrowd from another dress I made years ago. 

When I have enough budget I would love to buy reall silk velvet and make this dress again!


Finished: Forest Dress Vogue 8766

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Last year I fell in love with the forest panel print fabric and bought 3 pieces. It's a very soft jogging fabric. The pattern I used is a mix of Vogue 8766 (bodice and sleeves) and a vintage pattern from the 40s (skirt) which I used to make this dress.

I initially planned to make this dress before autumn, but I was a bit too occupied with other sewing projects I will blog about later. 

I'm really glad with how this dress turned out. I made some small alterations like omitting the darts in the sleeve head. Instead I decided to gather the sleeve cap. I tried the darts, but they became very pointy. The gathers give a better shape to the sleeve head. As always I added some length to the bodice, skirt and sleeves and took in the side seams at bust level. 

As decoration a I added two dark green buttons at the Center Front. The zipper is in the side seam, hand picked and lapped. I sewed the hem by hand with an invisible stitch. I don't really like machine stitched visible hems. And with a good series to watch it isn't that bad to do some handsewing. 

I already wore the dress and it's sooo warm and comfy! Maybe I'm going to take it with me to my trip to Iceland in March :D 


(semi) Finished 20s flapper dress and headband

Yesterday evening we had a photoshoot during dancing class (these aren't the official photo's these are  just made by a friend of mine). We dressed up in flapper style. The dress is made by me and I also drafted the pattern for this dress.

My dress isn't completely finished yet, because I didn't have enough time to decorate it with seed beads and sequins. I do hope it will be done before our show in november, it's quite an ambitious projects so lets just hope for the best!

Since I never did bead embroidery before I created this headband to practice a little with this technique. The pattern of the beads will also occur on the dress amongst some other types of decorations.

This is more a glimpse of what is going to come but I hope you'll like it :D 
To be continued.....


Finished: Maxidress Burda Style


It  has been such a long time!! But finally something to show you again :) 

Actually, I was working on a different dress, but I needed a break because it's quite a challenging sewing project. Instead I made this maxidress I found in the Burda Style magazine (April 2017). I love maxidresses and I love leopard prints so when those two things come together it makes me very happy :D

Eventhough the construction of the bodice was quite a puzzle, the dress came together easily. The fit was also very good. I only needed to take in the side seams of the bodice a little and I added some length to the skirt. That's it! After struggling with the other dress, it was so good to make something easy again.

The dress is fully lined and I added a handpicked lapped zipper in the side seam. The hem is also handsewn with an invisible stitch. The seams in the skirt are finished with seam binding. Other than that I didn't really use any fancy sewing techniques. 

What else can I share about this dress? I don't know. It was a nice and easy project and I hope there'll be plenty of beautiful summer days ahead so I'm able to wear this dress :D 


Finished: 40s Pyjama's

Ok! These 40s pyjamas have been on my sewing wishlist for amany years. I already bought fabric for this fabric 3 years ago, but I got too distracted with other projects, so it stayed untouched in my fabric cabinet for a long time. Last year I made it as a sewing goal for 2016, but didn't have enough time to finish it during that year. Because it was already on my sewing list like forever I decided it has to be my first new sewing project in 2017. And that worked because it's finished now :)

I made a little bow for my hair to add some extra cuteness
With the help of my sewing teacher I drafted this pattern. I used a Lutterloh (1941) pattern as inspiration. I made a muslin and needed to change only a few little things. For example the first version of the collar was a little too small. I also added darts at the the back and front to give the bodice a better fit. The Lutterloh pattern only had shoulder darts in the front. And no darts at the back at all. I'm very happy with the sleeves, they just came out like I wanted them to be. 

The Lutterloh pattern of the trousers don't have any seams at the sides. I liked this idea and decided to adapt this in my own pattern as well. The Lutterloh trousers do have a side closure, which is a bit strange, because there's no side seam to work with. I wanted my pj's to be comfy and went for an elastic waistband instead of this side closure.

Drafting and sewing this project went very smooth. Sometimes that happens, that everything goes quite easy. I guess I had a good flow. The only exception were the buttons. I couldn't decide which buttons I should use. After asking some of my friends and a Facebook sewing group it was easier to make a choice. 

To finish the seams I used seambinding. The hems are sewn by hand using an invisible stitch as is the facing of the collar and lapels. The pockets are lined and sewn to the bodice by hand as well. 

I don't think I will really sleep in this pyjama, but it's perfect for a lazy day at home and I don't need lo leave the house :)

Dutch version:

Ok! Deze, op de jaren 40 geïnspireerde, pyjama heeft heel lang op mijn wishlist gestaan. De stof kocht meer dan 3 jaar geleden, maar ik was weer eens afgeleid door andere projecten, waardoor het voor een lange tijd onaangeraakt in mijn stoffenkast bleef liggen. Vorig jaar had ik bedacht dat het maken van deze pyjama wel een leuk naaidoel voor 2016 zou zijn, maar ik had niet genoeg tijd waardoor dit niet lukte. Toen bedacht ik dat deze pyjama het eerste nieuwe naaiproject van 2017 zou worden. En dat werkte blijkbaar wel, want de pyjama is nu af :)

Met de hulp van mijn naai-juf tekende ik het patroon. Als inspiratie gebruikte ik een patroon van Lutterloh uit 1941. Ik maakte een proefmodel en hoefde maar kleine aanpassingen te maken. Zo heb ik bijvoorbeeld de kraag wat groter gemaakt, want de eerste versie viel erg klein uit. Ook voegde ik coupenaden toe aan zowel het voor- als het achterpand. Het Lutterloh patroon heeft alleen een coupenaad vanuit de schouder in het voorpand en het achterpand heeft helemaal geen coupenaden. Ik ben erg tevreden met de mouwen, ze zijn precies zo geworden als ik me had voorgesteld. 

Inside out / Binnenstebuiten 

Het Lutterlohpatroon voor de broek heeft geen zijnaden. Ik was wel gecharmeerd van dit idee en besloot dit over te nemen. Volgens het Lutterlohpatroon komt er een sluiting in de zij, wat een beetje raar is omdat er geen zijnaad is waarmee je kan werken. Omdat comfort voor mij belangrijk is als ik een pyjama draag besloot ik een tailleband met elastiek te maken, in plaats van deze zijsluiting. 

Het tekenen en naaien van dit project ging erg goed. Soms heb je dat, dat iets bijna als vanzelf gaat. Ik zat blijkbaar in een goede flow. Het enige lastig waren de knopen, want ik wist niet welke kleur knopen ik wilde gaan gebruiken. Nadat ik een aantal van mijn vrienden om raad had gevraagd en mijn vraag in een Facebookgroep over naaien had geplaatst is het uiteindelijk gelukt om een keuze te maken.

Voor de afwerking van de naden heb ik gebruik gemaakt van seambinding. De zomen zijn met de hand afgewerkt met een onzichtbare naaisteek, zo ook het beleg voor de reverskraag. De zakken zijn gevoerd en met de hand aan het lijfje bevestigd. 

Of ik ook echt in deze pyjama ga slapen betwijfel ik. Maar hij zal zeker dienst doen als huispak wanneer ik een luie dag thuis heb en deur niet uit hoef :)


2016 in retrospect and goals for 2017

A bit late, but I like to wish you all a happy, healthy and of course creative 2017!

2016 has been an amazing year! Especially the second part of it. I met so many nice people, went to amazing concerts and made a trip to Leipzig on my own. When it comes to sewing and knitting 2016 wasn't a bad year either. What do I say? I'm very very pleased with the things I made, I learned a lot and even started having sewing lessons again.

My favourites of 2016 (in random order):

My first tailored coat! This was a huge project, sometimes a bit frustrating but learned so much. I wear this coat with so much love and joy.

The skirt pattern is borrowed from another pattern. The bodice is drafted by me. Also learned a lot during this project. Never drafted a pattern like this and never used spiral boning before. I hope we'll have a nice summer so this dress can be worn a lot!

This year I really discovered I like solid colored dresses as well. Normally I'm drawn to fabrics with prints, but this has changed. I think the design details are much more emphasized with a solid color fabric. So far I made 3 dresses using a solid colored fabric. I love the gathered skirt of this dress and also like the 3/4 length sleeves.

This was the hardest knitting project I ever did. The roses are quite difficult to knit and the colorwork pattern is very hard to follow because the two colors of wool are almost the same shade. But I love this cardigan. It's one of my favourites!

Goals for 2017:

- Become a certified seamstress:
Some years ago I already made a start with this. But then life got in the way and had to quit. Now, I feel ready to give it another chance. This will take a couple of years, but want to get back on track in 2017.

- Evening gown:
It was one of my sewing goals in 2016. Although I did draft the patterns on 1:4 scale I never go to actually making it. Let's see if it does happen in 2017.

- More alterations/refashions/repairings:
I have a huge pile of clothes that needs repairings, alterations or refashions. I got quite annoyed by it, because it's a pity those clothes never got worn this way. I already made a start last week and it felt so good!

- Flappers dress:
Also a 2016 goal. I love 20s fashion, but never sewn anything from this era. This needs to change! It will be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

- Burlesque costume:
Ok, so last month I started with a Burlesque dancing course. Which is way out of my comfortzone. At the end of 2017 we will perform for an audience and I think that's a great opportunity to make my own costume. 

What are your goals for 2017?



Een beetje laat, maar ik wil jullie toch graag nog een gelukkig, gezond en vooral ook creatief 2017 toewensen!

2016 was een geweldig jaar, voor het tweede half jaar. Ik heb erge leuke mensen ontmoet, naar mooie concerten geweest en ik ben ben een week alleen naar Leipzig geweest. Wanneer het op naaien en breien neerkomt was het ook zeker geen slecht jaar. Wat zeg ik? Ik ben hartstikke tevreden met de dingen die ik heb gemaakt. Ik hev erg veel geleerd en ben weer begonnen met naailes. 

Mijn favoriete creaties (in willekeurige volgorde:

Mijn eerste mantel waarbij ik technieken zoals pikeren heb gebruikt. Dit was voor mij een gigantisch project, soms zelfs wat frustrerend maar ook erg leerzaam.

Het rokpatroon heb ik geleend van een ander patroon. Het lijfje heb ik zelf getekend. Ook hier heb ik weer veel geleerd. Ik had nog nooit een dergelijk lijfje getekend en dit was ook de eerste keer dat ik spiraalbaleinen gebruikte. Ik hoop dat we een mooie zomer krijgen zodat ik de jurk veel kan dragen.

Het afgelopen jaar heb ik ontdekt dat ik jurken die gemaakt zijn van stof zonder print erg mooi vind. Op deze manier komen de details van de jurk veel meer tot hun recht. Normaliter prefereer ik stofjes met een print, maar dit is veranderd. Tot dusver heb ik drie jurken gemaakt van stof zonder opdruk. Bij deze jurk waardeer ik de aangerimpelde rok en de 3/4 mouwen heel erg.

Dit was het moeilijkste project dat ik ooit heb gedaan. De rozen zijn vrij lastig om te breien maar ook het patroon dat in twee kleuren wordt gebreid is lastig. Dit komt omdat de hiervoor gebruikte kleuren dicht bij elkaar liggen en je het onderscheid bijna niet kan zien. Toch ben ik erg blij met dit vestje. Het is zelfs een van mijn favorieten!

Doelen voor 2017:

- Beginnen met de opleiding tot coupeuse
Een aantal jaren geleden was ik hier al eens mee begonnen. Maar wegens omstandigheden moest ik helaas stoppen. Nu, ben ik weer zover om hier toch weer mee te beginnen. Het kost een aantal jaar voor ik mijn diploma heb, maar in 2017 wil ik dus hiermee een start maken.

- Avondjurk
Hij stond vorig jaar al tussen mijn doelen. Maar ik ben niet verder gekomen dan het tekenen van de patronen op 1:4 schaal. Hopelijk wordt het dit jaar daadwerkelijk een jurk die ik aan kan. 

- Meer reparaties/aanpassingen/refashions 
De stapel met kleding waar nog iets mee moet gebeuren is groot. Het is zo zonde dat die kleding nu niet meer wordt gedragen. Inmiddels begint het me te irriteren en wil ik daar verandering in. Gelukkig heb ik al een goede start gemaakt, want de afgelopen week heb ik maar liefst vier kledingstukken vermaakt of gerepareerd. 

- Flappers jurk
Ook deze stond vorig jaar al bij mijn doelen. Helaas, ben ik hier niet aan toegekomen. Ik vind de mode uit de jaren 20 heel erg mooi, maar heb nog nooit iets uit die periode gemaakt. Zou het een mooie toevoeging aan mijn garderobe vinden. 

- Burlesque outfit
Sinds een maand volg ik Burlesque danslessen en eind dit jaar gaan we ook een voorstelling geven. Dit is zo ontzettend ver buiten mijn comfortzone!! En ook een mooie gelegenheid om mijn eigen outfit te maken.

Wat zijn jullie doelen?