I'm back!

Dear readers,

It's been a while since my last post. I moved to a new place and it took lots of time to get it ready. The previous renter had lived here for years and he was a heavy smoker. Everything was sooo filthy! But now it's all clean and freshly painted :) Last weekend I moved to my new home, and this week I spent time unpacking boxes.

Today I had the feeling it's time to get back to blogging, sewing and knitting! I haven't been sewing or knitting for months, but it's good to be back!

So what's on my sewing table? 

Last spring I started tracing a vintage slacks pattern (Hollywood 800). I traced a few pattern pieces and then other sewing projects got my attention. These pants aren't the hardest to make, so I hope it will help me getting started. With autumn around the corner it's the perfect project to start sewing again.

I haven't read much blogs the last couple of months, now I'm settled at my new place I'm eager to catch up!

How have you been doing?


Finished Lutterloh 29!

I didn't think I would be able to finish a sewing project before moving home. But I did! This will probably the last sewing project at my old place. So, it's a good closure! 

I recreated this dress from the 1941 Lutterloh pattern book. What I really like about this dress is the pocket detail, the notched collar and of course the puffed sleeves :) 

Whil writing the blogpost I realised I forgot about the pockets at hip level. Well, I don't like accentuating my hips anyway!
It took quite some time to finish the dress. This was not because it was extremely difficult. But I didn't feel like sewing most of the time and the striped fabric scared me away a bit. It's easier to get your mojo back with an easy project without caring about matching the fabric. But I find it really hard to leave a project unfinished, so I got on with it anyway.

I changed the pattern by making it a complete button down closure instead of stopping halfway as you can see at the illustration. I just like being practical. 

There are a few things I don't like about the dress. The first thing is that it sometimes looks like that the stripes aren't matching at the button closure. They do! But when I move the fabric moves place. And secondly, I wished the fabric is a bit drapier. It's quite stiff and doesn't follow my body as smoothly as I like it to be.

What else can I say? I really don't know. Just that I'm happy with finishing another Lutterloh dress!


Don't feel like doing anything

Dear readers,

I know it's been a while since my last update. The problem is I don't feel like crafting or blogging these days. The main reason is that I'm going to move to another place. My mind is completely focused on moving and I feel a bit restless about it. So focussing on my hobbies  is pretty hard at the moment. 

Today was the first day in several weeks I worked on a sewing project. It feels a bit uncomfortable, sitting behind my sewing machine. And I definitely miss the flow I use to have while sewing. I feel like a beginner again.

I'm not sure about the aim of this blogpost. I guess I wanted to share with you what's going on at the moment. 

Have a nice weekend!


Finished: A 40s trio

Hello! I finally had time to take some pictures of my 40s trio garments! The trio consists of a blouse, skirt and purse all made by me!

You've seen the blouse earlier this year on this blog. It's a 40s pattern with lots of pin tucks and lace insertions. I think this blouse is very classic and elegant and really makes a white(ish) blouse more interesting. 

The skirt was one of my oldest UFO's. I think it was on the UFO pile for over 3 years. Because I don't like unfinished projects I'm really happy that it's finished now! I experienced some difficulties when I started sewing this skirt years ago. I sewed added zipper but, because of the pleats, the zipper was disturbing the way the pleat fall down. I didn't like the result and removed the zipper and put it to the UFO pile.

In the meantime I learned during sewing class how to insert a zipper in a pleated skirt. After some practice I thought I got the hang of it. But silly as I am, I didn't start sewing the skirt straight away, but waited like 2 years. So I completely forgot what I learned during the sewing course. 

But this time I was eager to finish the skirt, so I tried something myself and I'm quite happy with the result. The zipper is hidden into a pleat so it's completely invisible from the outside!

I always wanted a 40s crocheted purse. And it would be even better to make my own. Luckily Ingrid of Couturette shared some free patterns with us, so I could make my own. I had some difficulties understanding the pattern, but Ingrid was of great help! 

The purse is lined and to give it its shape I used a very heavy interfacing. I'm really happy with the result!

I really like the idea of working on a complete me made outfit. And I think I will do this more often. 


Quick update

Hi all,

It's been a while since my last blogpost. The reason is that I wasn't feeling very well lately and I just needed a break from everything. But now I'm feeling better again and I started crafting again.

Last week I was able to finish the crocheted purse and pleated skirt, which are part of the 40s trio. This trio consists of a blouse, skirt and purse. And with these two projects finished, the trio is complete! Next week I hope to find some time to take pictures. 

In the meantime I leave you with some pictures of the finished projects!


Loosing my knitting mojo and a knitalong

Hi all!

Over the years I lost my sewing mojo a couple of times. But lately I just don't feel like knitting (or crocheting). This is the first time since I learned how to knit that I lost my knitting mojo.

Luckily there is 40s themed knitalong so I hope this will bring my mojo back! I decided to start a new project. I really like this Egyptian themed sweater and it's on my to do list for quite some time now.

Hopefully I will be knitting as much as I used to with a new project and a knitalong.

Details about the knitalong can be found here:


Are you joining? Have you ever lost your knitting mojo? And what did help you getting it back?


WIP: a 40s trio part II and III

Hi there,

Just a small update from me. You remember the 40s blouse with lace insertion I made a while ago? I called it the first part of a 40s trio I want to create. This week I'm working on the other 2 parts of this trio. 

Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon I spent a lot of time inserting the zipper in the plaided skirt. Normally I don't have much trouble with sewing a zipper into a garment. But this one is a bit difficult, because it's put into the pleat. During the sewing lessons I had 2 years ago I learned a method to do this. I have instructions and pictures of the process, but I didn't get the result. I couldn't remember how it was done. So I had to invent something myself. And I'm quite happy with the result. The zipper is invisible, well hidden in a pleat, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

The crocheted purse is almost finished. I still have my doubts if it will work out in the end. I have sewn the two parts together. I need to sew lining with heavy interfacing, so the purse will keep its shape. Tomorrow I hope to find the right interfacing in a haberdashery store. 

What is on your sewing table?


Finished: Hollywood 1335

Yay! I finished my Sew For Victory dress! My aim was to make a perfect spring/summer dress. I think the fabric just breathes those seasons with the bright colors and floral print. 

What I love about this pattern are the ruffles and the pleated skirt. Actually the pleats hold little pockets, which is so smartly designed!

Sewing this dress went pretty ok. I had a few difficulties during the proces. Like the ease of the sleeve cap. I had to much easeh. I tried different methods to get the sleeves in smoothly, but with no good results. So I gathered the sleeve cap to create a little puffed sleeve. 

I also had some problems with the buttonholes. Well one buttonhole, to be more precise. I had to redo this particular button hole 4 times before I got the result I wanted. How frustrating.

And I couldn't use my serger because it has some difficulties as well. Instead I choose to use seam binding. This seam binding was a gift from the lovely Joanna! Look how beautiful the inside looks! This is really the best way of finishing edges! I really want to use seam binding more often in future projects. We don't have this in the Netherlands as far is I know, so I really need to find a good online shops with reasonable (shipping) prices. Any suggestions are very welcome :)

The best thing about this dress is my boyfriends opinion. Normally he doesn't really like my floral dresses. But this one he does like. He said he thinks the dress and colors really suits me. How cute!