Almost Finished...Simplicity 1329

Oh my, it really has been a while since my last blogpost! I've been so busy these last few months. But I tried to sew on a weekly basis. Alas, I wasn't progressing that fast to finish my playsuit before the end of the summer. Well, I'm just not a very quick seamstress. I like taking my time and pay attention to detail. 

But, I'm very close to finishing this three piece playsuit! And I took some pictures while I was sewing which I want to share with you!

Once again, the pictures were made with my smartphone and aren't always very clear. 

Back in July is started with the shorts:
(Somehow I can't remove this space in Blogger)

I often save the hand sewing for the last. This time I wanted to make hand sewn buttenholes, but I saved it for another moment, because at that time I didn't know what buttons to use.

Next up, the top:

Making the ruffled sleeves:

Adding more ruffles:

Sewing the gathered skirt:
More ruffles!

Making bows for the skirt:

Detail of the skirt and bow:

Hand sewing time!
Using snaps as closure for the top. You see the left side seam of the top.

Completed top! I added a bow as a finishing touch :)

Finishing the short:
My second attempt at hand sewn buttonholes. After marking the length and position of the buttonhole I cut through the fabric to create a hole. To prevent the fabric from fraying I use the buttonhole stitch, using sewing thread.

The real buttonhole is made with buttonhole thread and  looks like this:

More buttonholes! 

I only need to finish the last buttonhole and sew the buttons. Then it's finally time to make some outfit pictures!


New project: Simplicity 1329

Hi all!

It's time to introduce my new sewing project! I did finish the 40s slacks and 40s blouse from my previous post, but unfortunately I don't have a proper camera to take pics. Hopefully I will have a camera in a few weeks, so there will be some outfit pictures soon here!

If you're reading my blog for some time, you probably remember I made a playsuit about 2 years ago. Well I really do like wearing playsuits during summer. So it's time for a new one!

Simplicity 1329 is the pattern I want to use. I like both styles, but I'm going for style 2. Most of my blouses en dresses have puffed sleeves, and this time I want something different. But it was a hard decision because I really adore view 1 as well. 
This time I picked a red/white checkered fabric with a floral print. I think it's perfect for summer. 

My organised chaos
Cutting the fabric took lots of time. Because I want the checkers to match therefore I cut every piece one by one. Normally I fold the fabric so you can cut two pieces at the same time. I counted nearly 40(!) pattern pieces! So it really took me some hours to cut everything.

You can imagine I'm  very glad the cutting is done. At the moment I'm working on the shorts. I think they're going to be very cute.

It's soo good to be sewing again! I'll keep you updated!
Have a nice weekend!


Sewing update!!

Lately I've been sewing again. It's been a long while. After the move I tried to sew, but I couldn't bring it up anymore. I took a break, a long break. But about a month ago, I felt that crafting itch again ;) So I started working on my 40s slacks, which was on my to do list for such a long time. I already traced the pattern, but needed to grade it to my own size. 

The slacks are almost finished. I only need to add the waistband, hem the trouser legs and add a button and buttonhole.

I am sorry for the bad light; the photo is made with a crappy camera

And while working on these trousers a got an idea for a matching blouse. Immediately I knew which fabric and which pattern I should use. Isn't it great when things come together like this :)

I want to make view B/C
I also wanted to push my limits a little with making bound buttonholes instead of making buttonholes with the machine. I had some practice when I made them during a sewing course a couple of years ago. But to be sure I still knew how it works I used some leftover scraps of fabric and practiced some more. The buttonhole isn't perfect yet, but I feel confident enough for the real thing.

Have you ever made bound buttonholes? And what is your favourite method?


Finally an update and a new knitting project

It's been such a long time. The last months were hectic when it comes to my personal life. But now things have settled down a bit. One of the major things that happened was breaking up with my boyfriend after 6,5 years. It was difficult, but it was the right decision. I feel so relieved. 

I had such a lack of motivation when it came to crafting. I know I blogged earlier about being back on track. Alas, this was not the case. At the moment I'm still not sure how frequently I will blog again, but lets see what happens. 

Anyway, I started a new knitting project. The Egyptian Jumper turned out to be a huge failure, so I decided to not waste any time on this project and put it away.

I had this project on my to-do list for a very long time. It's a Rowan Pattern of a cardigan with roses. You have to knit the rose pattern in Intarsia and the background is knitted with the Fair Isle technique. Quite complicated, but fun to do!


Oh no, it's my health again!

Health wise, it's been another horrible year so far. If you read my blog for a while now you know I've been struggling quite a lot with my health. 

After the move I kind of collapsed. I didn't have any energy left at all. It was hard enough dealing with the more basic things like cooking, cleaning and so on. I had/ve no energy for blogging or crafting. I know, it's not the first time I write about this topic. 

I tried sewing the 40s slacks, but it just wouldn't work. I couldn't focus, I was too tired. The same goes with  knitting. No focus, no motivation.

Today they finally found (part of) the cause of my tiredness. It seems that I have a very low value of vitamin B12 (pernicious anemia). I feel so relieved, because for years doctors told me my tiredness is related to stress/anxiety. And I believe this has it's influence on my energy level. But I had the feeling there was more going on, because it doesn't matter how much I rest I still feel tired. 

The treatment exists of regular (at first weekly) injections to augment this shortage. I'm scared of needles, but I will cope with it! Today I got my first injection, so hopefully I will start feeling better soon!

And hopefully I will find the joy of crafting and blogging again!


I'm back!

Dear readers,

It's been a while since my last post. I moved to a new place and it took lots of time to get it ready. The previous renter had lived here for years and he was a heavy smoker. Everything was sooo filthy! But now it's all clean and freshly painted :) Last weekend I moved to my new home, and this week I spent time unpacking boxes.

Today I had the feeling it's time to get back to blogging, sewing and knitting! I haven't been sewing or knitting for months, but it's good to be back!

So what's on my sewing table? 

Last spring I started tracing a vintage slacks pattern (Hollywood 800). I traced a few pattern pieces and then other sewing projects got my attention. These pants aren't the hardest to make, so I hope it will help me getting started. With autumn around the corner it's the perfect project to start sewing again.

I haven't read much blogs the last couple of months, now I'm settled at my new place I'm eager to catch up!

How have you been doing?


Finished Lutterloh 29!

I didn't think I would be able to finish a sewing project before moving home. But I did! This will probably the last sewing project at my old place. So, it's a good closure! 

I recreated this dress from the 1941 Lutterloh pattern book. What I really like about this dress is the pocket detail, the notched collar and of course the puffed sleeves :) 

Whil writing the blogpost I realised I forgot about the pockets at hip level. Well, I don't like accentuating my hips anyway!
It took quite some time to finish the dress. This was not because it was extremely difficult. But I didn't feel like sewing most of the time and the striped fabric scared me away a bit. It's easier to get your mojo back with an easy project without caring about matching the fabric. But I find it really hard to leave a project unfinished, so I got on with it anyway.

I changed the pattern by making it a complete button down closure instead of stopping halfway as you can see at the illustration. I just like being practical. 

There are a few things I don't like about the dress. The first thing is that it sometimes looks like that the stripes aren't matching at the button closure. They do! But when I move the fabric moves place. And secondly, I wished the fabric is a bit drapier. It's quite stiff and doesn't follow my body as smoothly as I like it to be.

What else can I say? I really don't know. Just that I'm happy with finishing another Lutterloh dress!


Don't feel like doing anything

Dear readers,

I know it's been a while since my last update. The problem is I don't feel like crafting or blogging these days. The main reason is that I'm going to move to another place. My mind is completely focused on moving and I feel a bit restless about it. So focussing on my hobbies  is pretty hard at the moment. 

Today was the first day in several weeks I worked on a sewing project. It feels a bit uncomfortable, sitting behind my sewing machine. And I definitely miss the flow I use to have while sewing. I feel like a beginner again.

I'm not sure about the aim of this blogpost. I guess I wanted to share with you what's going on at the moment. 

Have a nice weekend!