Top 5 of 2012: Fails

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I'm back from a trip to Germany, which was awesome! Now it's time to start with the top 5 0f 2012 series hosted by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow. Let's start with the fails!


The most unclear chrochet pattern I ever used, some fabulous fabric covered buttons and Bestway 1935 progress

Excuse me for the long title, but those are the subjects of this blog. Let's start with the crochet pattern. Yesterday I wrote about the 30s beret I want to crochet. Well I made a start last week and yesterday evening I made some progress. Just some, because the pattern is not very clear. I've been counting stitches, adding notes, make the most beautiful sketches, in order to understand what needs to be done.


New project: 30s scarf and beret

I owned many knitted/crocheted hats,  but alas, I don't own them anymore, because of the fire we had last summer. After finishing Dasha's sweater I wanted to start a smaller project along the Bestway 1935 sweater. A hat would be perfect: it's a small project and I can really use more hats. I wear the same hat for months now and I it becomes a bit boring!


Finished project: Dasha's Sweater

For me it's a little bit saying goodbye to Dasha. Somehow I connected Dasha with the woman on the picture. Instead of Dasha sweater it became Dasha's sweater. The sweater of Dasha. Since I finished the sweater and started a new knitting project it's time to put Dasha away in my map of knitting patterns. 

Voor mij is het een beetje alsof ik afscheid neem van Dasha. Op een bepaalde manier koppelde ik Dasha met de vrouw op de foto. In plaats van 'Dasha sweater' werd het voor mij Dasha's sweater. De trui van Dasha. Nu het truitje af is en ik ben begonnen met een nieuw breiwerk, is het tijd om Dasha op te bergen in mijn map met breipatronen. 


Free Vintage Knitting Pattern / Gratis Vintage Breipatroon

It's been a while since I posted my last free pattern. But today I found some time to upload another vintage knitting pattern. It's a Dutch pattern from Vrouwenwereld (may, 1940). The pattern consists of a two piece ensemble. I love that the ribbing of the jumper is smaller in contrast to the ribbing of the skirt. The eye catching crocheted buttons are great. The pattern suggests a grey wool. I think this would be great in dark green as well. Or maybe a contrasting color for the borders. 


New knitting project: Bestway 1935

Once again, it's been very busy. This weekend I really want to pick up on my sewing. I want to finish the 40s blouse, I only need to make the buttonholes and then it's done. And I want to finish my Dasha sweater. This week I'm trying to tuck away the threads of the pieces so I can sew it together on saturday. Last thing to do is to sew on the buttons. And then it's finally done!


Sewing class assingments: Drafting Skirt Patterns

This weekend  I tried to finish my 40s blouse. I did a lot of progress yesterday and wanted to finish the blouse this afternoon, after making the muslin for my sewing class. Unfortunately it took me the morning and afternoon making the muslin. And now I don't feel like sewing anymore. 


WIP: Dasha Sweater and 40s blouse

Just a quick update. I feel I'm not very productive lately. Last month was quite a busy month, so I really wanted to catch up on sewing this past weekend. But somehow I was so tired I only did some house cleaning, I tried to sew a little but it just didn't go well. I know how it goes when I'm pushing myself to sew something, although I feel I'm not in the right mood, things go wrong and I'm getting frustrated. Instead, I picked up my embroidery of the purple cardigan and I blocked three pieces of my Dasha sweater. 

Today I felt like sewing again, I worked a bit on my 40s blouse.
I made the sleeve splits and sewed the collar and facing to the bodice. This took quite some time because the instructions weren't that clear.

 I also basted the front, back and one sleeve together of the Dasha sweater. I had a discussion with one of the ladies at the knitting cafe I'm attending. She tought my sweater came out way too small. It got me a bit insecure because I thought I was resizing the sweater correctly. I just tried it on and it fits! I'm so happy. I've been working on this sweater for months now. I reknitted the front piece and part of the back piece to get the right size. Yes, my first resizing of the pattern did not go very well. It is one big learning process, but I will write more about that when the sweater is finished! 

Now I need to knit the second sleeve and finish it up!


Inspiration: Knitting something for him

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I planned to finish sewing my 40s blouse today. But I'm feeling so tired. I woke up with a major headache and I know that if I'm going to work on my blouse it will be a disaster.  Instead I cleaned the house and now I'm installed on the couch with a pot of tea, my laptop and a box of knitting patterns.


Flea market

When we moved back to our home and we unpacked our things I went with a very critical eye through our belongings and made a selection of things which we could sell at a fleamarket. 

Yesterday I went with my mother and sister in law to a fleamarket in the TT hall at Assen. Besides selling I did some shopping as well. This is what I bought:

Vintage postcards:

Vintage embroidery and smock patterns:

Libelle (a Dutch Womens magazine) supplements with knitting and crochet patterns:

Vintage hat:

Antique collar: 

Leather gloves: 

My mother in law had a box of leather gloves, so they were a gift!

Lace and buttons (also a gift):

A set of weights:

 To use for cutting fabric, drafting patterns.

Last but not least: When I unpacked my boxes to install our booth I found the missing pattern piece of the Brigitte dress! I don't know how it came there, but I'm so happy I found it! 

This fleamarket was lovely, great booths with vintage and antique, good prices, nice music (a quartet which played lovely songs from the 20s - 40s) and a great ambiance. 


Finished: Gerties pencil skirt

You remember my doubt about my blouse and Delft blue circle skirt? Well, this time I made a matching pencil skirt, using the same fabric as the dark brown details of the blouse. I got R. making the pictures. He felt like sharing a bit of our (almost finished) living room.


Sewing inspiration: Velvet dress

It's been on my mind for the whole week. I want a velvet dress. I think a velvet dress is perfect for winter, for christmas. I want to share some of my favourite velvet dresses I pinned on my Pinterest. Just some eye candy and some inspiration! Some modern, some vintage.


I wanted to use velvet for my 40s pleated dress, but my sewing teacher is advising against it. The fabric will be too thick for the pleats. Now I have a dilemma: sew another dress with velvet or remove the pleats of the pattern... 

What do you think of velvet dresses?


Look what I found!

I thougt my fair isle beret was lost, but I found it when we were unpacking our moving boxes a while ago. I just finished knitting this beret before we had the fire, but luckily, the cleaning company was able to clean it.


A bit of this, a bit of that

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First I want to tell you I switch back to English blogs only. I've been writing blogs but in Dutch and English for a while, but I decided to quit writing Dutch blogs. With having a full time job, my spare time is limited and I prefer spending my free time on sewing and not that much on writing blogs in two languages. Ok, let's go back to sewing!

Als eerste wil ik melden dat ik geen blogs meer zal plaatsen in het Nederlands. Het is momenteel zo druk, dat ik er steeds meer tegenop zie om blogs in twee talen te schrijven. Daarnaast gebruik ik mijn vrije tijd liever voor het maken van nieuwe kledingstukken. Ik hoop dat jullie hier begrip voor hebben!


Vintage Sportswear: Ice skating dresses

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Although I don't exercise at all (except cycling to my work), but I do love vintage sportswear. Those clothes are (most of the times) so beautiful and elegant.


New sewing projects: Two skirts and Improving the 50s blouse.

You might think, where are the dresses she blogged about?!? No, I didn't forget about my dresses!  A couple of weeks ago my sewing course has started again and this year wear going to draft patterns, lots of patterns. Everything in our own size. There are some mandatory patterns we have to draft, but after that the fun part will start! We have to make our own patterns based on pictures or drawings of your own choosing. This means I will draft a lot of vintage inspired patterns. Can't wait to start!
As a final assignment we have to sew a couple of them!


Free Vintage Pattern: Draft your own full circle skirt and some sewing tips!

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I added another pattern to the free patterns page today. It's a pattern for a full circle skirt. This pattern I used for the Delft Blue circle skirt in my last blog. 


Finished: 50s inspired blouse and Delft Blue circle skirt

Yes! I finally finished something! My last finished project was over 3 months ago!

Yes! Eindelijk weer iets klaar! Het laatste project dat ik heb afgerond was ruim 3 maanden geleden!


One project vs. multiple projects

I really envy people who work on one sewing project, finish it and start a new one. I'm not like that at all. No, most of the time I'm working on more projects. 


Surprise for (Dutch) readers!

Before we had the fire at our home I was thinking about sharing some of my vintage sewing and knitting patterns.  


WIP: Purple Embroidered Cardigan

I knitted this cardigan months ago. I started with the embroidery but then put it down for a while. I think I'm not always in the mood for embroidery. I like to do bits and snaps every now and then, but can't embroider for hours. 


New Sewing Patterns

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Most of the times the prices of vintage sewing patterns on Etsy or Ebay are way too high, but sometimes you're lucky and you can find patterns with a fair price.


Work In Progress: Dasha and my cats

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Yesterday I finished the front of my stranded knitted jumper "Tasha". Today I washed it and blocked it. I found really helpful instructions in one of my knitting books. I thought it would be a good idea to share them.
Of course, I thought of making pictures along the way when I finished blocking. 


Work in progress: 40s pleated dress

This week I finally had some time to pick up sewing again. I really wanted to work on the Brigitte dress or the 30s Lutterloh dress. Unfortunately the cleaning company rejected all of my self drafted and traced patterns (i.a. the adjusted Birgitte dress patterns and 30s dress patterns), resulting in not cleaning them. Next week I'm going to pick them up and tracing them again. This way I don't have to start all over again. Another reason for not working on my already started projects is that I don't have all the cut fabric pieces complete. We still haven't unpacked everything, so they will be probably somewhere, but it will take some time until we are really settled in our home. 


Vintage Fashion Inspiration: Stage Door

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I just watched the movie Stage Door, and I loved it. This movie is about a lot of girls who are trying to become an actress and are living together in a boarding house. I really liked the cynical girl Ginger Rogers was playing in this movie, she's so funny! And I loved their clothes!


Coronation Knits

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Over a month ago Tasha from By Gum, By Golly! was hosting a give away. And I was the lucky winner! The day before yesterday I received Susan Crawfords new book called Coronaton Knits. 


Home Sweet Home and a new knitting project

Last friday we finally moved back to our home. I'm so glad i'm home again! Not everything has returned from the cleaning company yet and there are still things to be done, but I don't care. At least I can sleep in my own bed again :) Because our home was completely emptied to remove the fire damage and to paint everything and we lost some of our fourniture, we decided to change some things. I'm getting a new sewing room and R. will have his own study room. Besides we changed our living and sleeping room. 


Temporarily no blogs

Dear readers,

This is just a quick message from me. I won't be able to blog the next couple of weeks. Last thursday we had a fire in our house. Luckily everybody, including the cats are save, but we have a lot of damage. All our belongings have to get professionally cleaned and some things we have to replace. So we left with nothing. We are living somewhere else for the next couple of weeks, with no internet. As you can see, I have a lot of things on my mind.

I'll be back soon!




Having fun with the new camera

This blog will contain a lot of random pictures. We finally bought a new camera and of course we, or better said R., wanted to try it, resulting in lots of pictures of the last couple of days.

Deze blog bevat veel verschillende foto's. Eindelijk hebben we een nieuwe camera gekocht. En natuurlijk moesten we, en vooral R., het apparaat uit proberen. Dit resulteerde in veel foto's. 

Lets start with my cats! 
Om te beginnen mijn katten!

Last week I finished knitting the beret. This was my not only my first stranded knitting attempt, but I also used circular needles and double pointed needles. As you can see I was a bit struggling with the double pointed needles.

Afgelopen week heb ik het breiwerk van de baret afgerond. Dit was voor mij niet alleen de eerste keer breien met meerdere kleuren, maar ook de eerste keer breien met rondbreinaalden en sokkenaalden. Zoals je kan zien was ik een beetje aan het klooien met de sokkennaalden.

The beret seems a bit small. But according to the pattern description after washing and blocking the beret will be about 10 % larger. I need to wash and block the knitwork so I hope this will be true.

De baret lijkt een beetje klein, maar volgens de instructies wordt de baret 10 % groter na het wassen en opspannen. Dit heb ik nog niet gedaan, dus ik hoop dat hij echt wat groter wordt.

This saturday I worked on the red skirt which I make for the grandmother of R. After fitting the skirt two times I can finally finish the skirt. 

Afgelopen zaterdag heb ik aan de rok voor de oma van R. gewerkt. Na twee keer afpassen kan de rok worden afgemaakt. 

Saturday afternoon we worked/relaxed in the garden for some time. As you can see the garden is far from finished. When we moved to this house the garden contained only grass, badly maintained. So each year we try to fix up a bit. 

In de namiddag hebben we nog een beetje in de tuin gewerkt  gerelaxt. De tuin is verre van klaar. Toen we hier naartoe verhuisden bestond de tuin enkel uit gras, wat ook nog eens slecht was onderhouden. Elk jaar proberen we een stukje op te knappen.

Here are some pictures of some of my some of my birthday presents. I gat a miniature sewing machine, which is so cute! It seems that it really works, but I haven't figured out how to use it. I got another Lutterloh pattern book from 1954. I already own a photocopy of some of the patterns, but having an original with all the patterns is so much better. It also has its original scale ruler. From the money I got, I bought a 40s pattern magazine.

Hieronder nog foto's van een aantal van mijn verjaardagscadeautjes. Ik heb een mini naaimachine gekregen, echt zo schattig! Hij schijnt ook nog te werken, maar ik heb nog niet uitgezocht hoe hij werkt. Ik heb een patronenboek van Lutterloh uit 1954 gekregen. Ik had al een kopie van een aantal patronen. Maar het hebben van een origineel boek met alle patronen is veel leuker. Daarnaast heb ik nu het speciale meetlint erbij. Van het verjaardagsgeld heb ik een patronenboekje uit de jaren 40 gekocht.

Lately I was longing for a hem marker. Luckily I got it now for my birthday. I'm so happy with and gratefull for all the presents!
Een rokspuit stond ook al enige tijd op mijn verlanglijstje. Gelukkig kan ik die nu doorstrepen want ook dit was een cadeautje. Ik ben erg blij en dankbaar met/voor alle cadeaus!

Today I spent lots of hours to make the muslin of the bodice of the Birgitte dress fitting me. At first I thought I was almost there but it seems the fitting problems went worse, so we almost started all over again. The fit is much better now, but needs some refinement at some particular places. The skirt isn't finished yet, but I pinned it to the dressform to give you an impression of the dress.

Vandaag heb ik nogal wat tijd gestoken in het maken van het proefmodel van de Birgitte jurk. In eerste instantie dacht ik dat ik bijna klaar was, maar dit bleek tegen te vallen. De pasvorm werd er op een gegeven moment niet beter op, dus we besloten weer van voor af aan te beginnen. Nu is de pasvorm stukken beter, en moeten alleen nog de puntjes op "i" worden gezet. De rok is nog niet af, deze heb ik aan de paspop gespeld om alvast een impressie van de jurk te geven.

After this day of fitting, sewing and ripping seams we are now enjoying a nice and cold beer. 

Na en dag van afpassen, naaien en uithalen genieten we nu van een  lekker witbiertje. 


WIP Brigitte Dress / Limited sewing time

I still haven't mastered the fitting difficulties with the Lutterloh 30s dress, but I continued working on the checkered Brigitte Dress. The progress is slowly, because Im working full time again and having a full agenda in the weekends. I'm trying to work a bit every night. This week I want to fitting to be right, so I can start working on the real dress in the weekend. 


Another sewing project: Brigitte Dress

This weekend I worked on the muslin of the 30s dress and I have some big fitting problems. It frustrated me so much that I decided to change the zipper of the Boudoir Dress. This was a thing I avoided doing the last couple of weeks, because changing a zipper in a finished dress is much harder then starting from scratch. So you can imagine how frustrated I must have been. 

Dit weekend heb ik gewerkt aan het proefmodel van de jaren 30 jurk. Helaas zijn er nogal wat problemen met de pasvorm. Het frustreerde me zo erg, dat ik liever de rits in mijn  Boudoir Jurk  wilde vervangen. Het vervangen van de rits had ik al een tijdje uitgesteld omdat het moeilijker is een rits te naaien in een jurk die al af is dan als je nog in het begin stadium zit. Je kunt je voorstellen hoe wanhopig ik werd van het proefmodel. 

I think the problems with the 30s dress won't be solved easily, so to keep the spirit up I started working on the Brigitte Dress. I always wanted to have a dress like this:

De problemen met de pasvorm zijn niet makkelijk op te lossen, dus om de moed erin te houden, ben ik met een ander project begonnen: de Brigitte Jurk. Ik heb altijd al een jurk zoals hieronder willen hebben:

But the most famous gingham dress is this one:

De meest beroemde jurk met ruiten is deze:

The gingham fabric with the lace details is just gorgeous!

De combinatie van de geblokte stof en het kant vind ik erg mooi!

The pattern I want to use is the vintage simplicity 4145 dress. I want the dress of view 3 (pink dress) and the sleeves of view 1 (plaid dress). 

Als basispaptroon wil ik de vintage Simplicity 4145 gebruiken. Ik wil de jurk van view 3 (roze jurk) en de mouwen van view 1 (geruite jurk).

The fabric I want to use is this light blue gingham:
Ik wil een licht blauw/wit geruite stof gaan gebruiken:


Finished: 40s inspired skirt and blouse

A while ago I wrote about the blouses I wanted to make using one basic pattern. This is the 4th blouse I made out of it. Because I don't have any skirts to match the blouse I decided to sew a skirt as well.


My favourite sewing tools

Finally time to sew, knit and blog again. Last tuesday I had my sewing exam! I spent almost all of my spare time into the preparations for the exam and finishing all the assignments. 


Quick update

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Last week I finished my 40 inspired outfit, but I don't have time to take any pictures. Hopefully next week I have the time to take pictures and write about it. 


Work in Progress: 40s inspired outfit

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Almost finished my 40s inspired outfit!

Bijna af, mijn op de jaren 40 geinspireerde outfit!


Next Lutterloh project

I really feel like making more (summer) dresses. But I feel a bit guilty starting something new since I have quite a list with things to do. I promised myself to finish this list first before moving on to a new project. But after taking a look on my list I decided a can postphone a few projects because they are more suitable for winter/autumn. What is left, are a few sewing projects which needs to get finished. Perfect to finish when I work on a bigger sewing project. Another reason to start something new is that I really miss starting a new project, making the patterns, the fitting ecc. For the last couple of projects I used patterns I already used before. I also realised that sewing is my hobby and I think I should enjoy my hobby as much as possible, instead of doing things i don't feel like at that moment. I have little spare time so I would like to use it well.

So what shall I make?


My cat saved my day!


Today I finished my 70s Boudoir Dress. I decided to name the dress after the fabric which it's made of. 
I was really glad with how the dress turned out and was eager to take pictures of it. When I finished the dress this morning I tried it on and then the worst thing happened (well in a sewing kind of way) when I was closing the zipper, it broke! After all that work, my zipper broke :( 


Stranded Knitting: First Try

Okay, I know it's not the kind of weather to knit. But I'm hooked, I knit almost everyday, so I don't really mind.  Besides finishing my purple cardigan I tackling the technique of stranded knittng (knitting with two colours in one row). After a few attempts I think i'm getting it.


More new fabric

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I'm back from a small holiday with my family in law. We did some a lot of shopping. On friday we went to a market. There was one stand with lots and lots of fabric, the prices were even better. Of course, I couldn't resist. Here is what I bought:


New fabric

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I've been really busy lateley. Work and also preparing for my sewing exam. I never thought I would make it in time, but things are getting together now. I haven't finished any of my projects yet, but I've been thinking a lot about upcoming projects.


Another Knitting Update

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Last week I finished the shrug. The pattern has cables and some lace work. It wasn't really hard to knit, if you count right. Which can be hard if you're tired, I can tell you.  Outfit pictures will follow soon.


Finished: 50s Inspired Blouse

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Finally I finished one of my sewing projects! Well, what can I write about it? I used a modern pattern which I altered. This is actually my third blouse using this pattern. If you want to see the other blouses click here and here. I added a bow, a slightly bigger one then in one of the other blouses. And I added a puffed sleeve. 


Knitting Update

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Today I didn't feel like sewing, because I really wanted to finish knitting the sleeve of my purple cardigan. And I managed it finally! I started blocking the sleeves. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to block all the parts at the same time, so I have to be a little patient before I can start finishing the cardigan.


More Inspiration / Meer Inspiratie

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In one of my blogs I posted this picture which I really like.

In een van mijn vorige blogs heb ik een afbeelding gepost die ik erg mooi vind.


Preview 50s Tulip Blouse

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Because I was early home from work I had time to work a bit on my 50s inspired Tulip blouse. 
Here's a quick preview:


Knitting/Crochet inspiration

Although I've been sewing a lot this week, I haven't finished anything yet. 


40s Lutterloh Skirt

I've been asked to write in Dutch again, therefore, starting today, I will write my blogs in both Dutch and English.

Ik ben gevraagd weer in het Nederlands te gaan schrijven. Vanaf vandaag, zullen mijn blogs zowel in  het Nederlands als in het Engels worden geschreven.

Back to the skirt! Terug naar de rok!


Super Sewing Saturday

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When I started this blog I wanted to write, at least, two blogs a week. In the beginning it really worked, but since I have a new job it's getting more difficult. I worked a lot and, I think everyone experiences that, a new job consumes a lot of energy in the beginning. 


40s inspired blouse

This weekend I found some time to take pictures of me wearing my new blouse. As you could have read in one of my previous entries I worked with a modern pattern and altered it to create a vintage look. I changed the sleeves by making them shorter and adding cuffs. Also I added a breast pocket. 


Weekly Update // Preview Blouse and Skirt

Sewing Weekend
Last weekend was great. We went to a group accomodation in a farm and it was all about sewing. I never thought I could spend that many hours behind my sewing machine. I finished the 40s inspired blouse and started with the 70s dress. Here are some quick pics on a dress form. I will try to get some pics wearing the blouse this weekend. 


Mix and match

Sewing weekend
This weekend is sewing weekend. From friday till sunday we will gather with 17 people in a farm where we can eat, sleep and of course sew. Although I have some projects which aren't finished yet, I want to create some other things. I thought it might be handy to avoid switching threads all the time in the sewing machine and serger and stay instead with the same color. The last days I have been searching for new projects, preparing the patterns and cutting the fabric. I already planned to make the Marion 1972 Dress. But I want to bring more. Probably I won't finish everything, but this way I can switch between projects if I feel like.


Finished: 70s Sweet Candy Dress

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Muslin turned into finished dress

Today I finished the 70s dress. At first this was meant to be a muslin. I didn't like the fabric that much, but when I was working with the fabric I started to like it a little better. Besides I didn't need to change a lot on the pattern which made me decide to finish the dress. The dress is completely lined from the inside and has an invisible zipper at the back.


Improved Embroidered Skirt

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I thought it would be a quick fix altering my embroidered skirt. Well, it wasn't. I almost completely deconstructed the skirt and my zipper broke as well. It took more time then I thought, but the fit is better now.


Semi-Finished: Red Embroidered Skirt

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The skirt is made of a red wool. Unfortunately the fabric wrinkles really fast. I just ironed the skirt before wearing it but it starts to wrinkle after a few minutes. I drafted the pattern myself. It's a A-line skirt. 


Weekly update

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Since I strained a muscle in my neck last week, I haven't done as much as I wanted to.

I sort of finished the assignments for my sewing course. And I made a muslin of the coat. But we didn't have any time left for a fit, though. Within a couple of weeks I can continue.

I really hate the pattern of the coat. Well, its more because I'm not used to this modern Simplicity pattern magazine. I couldn't find anything about how to put in the sleeves. On the pattern there were no signs of which side of the sleeve belongs to the front. Very frustrating. I looked it up in one of my books, but I'm still not sure yet. 

Today I worked on my 40s Lutterloh skirt and I made some changes on the 70s Sweet Candy dress to create a better fit. These two needs to be fitted again. After that I can finish it. 

To do list this week:

- work on my sewing course assingments. I really want to finish them this week. Because next week will be very busy. Starting at my new job and going to a sewing weekend. And i don't want to make homework over there!

- finish my 40s skirt

- finish my embroidered skirt


Change of plan

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Sometimes I can be a litlle changeable about my sewing and knitting plans. I started  with the Raphael tunic a while ago, but I started to get doubts. 


New vintage patterns

Although I told myself not to spend any money on patterns anymore, I couldn't resist buying this lot, because they were so cheap. 

My favourites are 1, 3, 4 and 6


Rock & Roll Dress

Boogie Woogie
Last summer I had the great idea of taking dancing lessons. Boogie Woogie that is. Well actually I like Lindy Hop even better, but I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no dancing school where you can take Lindy Hop dancing lessons. I thought if I am going take dancing lessons I need a dress to wear. A full circle skirt, with a petticoat and bright colors.


Organizing my projects

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Lately, I was thinking about organizing my sewing projects.
When I started sewing, years ago, I worked on one project, finished it and started a new one. Nowadays I prefer working on multiple projects at the same time. 



The pictures of last week was kind of purple themed, this week it's the color blue. It wasn't really on purpose, though.


Great Ebay Deal

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Yesterday I was looking at Ebay for some vintage fabrics.

I bought this beautiful fabric (3 yards) from the 30s/40s for only E 2,28!  


Preview Sweet Candy 70s Dress

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Instead of making a muslin, I decided to use a printed cotton fabric, which I had for a long time and didn't intend to use for a project. If it needed a lot of adjustments or it would fail, it won't be that big of a problem. If it turns out fine, I will finish the dress.



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Today I asked my boyfriend to take some pictures of me wearing some of the clothes I made.


Lutterloh 1941

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From now on I will write in English. I know my English isn't perfect, but I think it's good enough to express myself properly.

Today, the mailman made me very happy, because he had something for me:


Work in Progress

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In deze blog ga ik een update geven over de projecten waaraan ik momenteel werk. 


Romantisch vestje

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In de winter zul je me niet snel zien zonder een gebreid vestje. Vooral de vestjes met kabels of geborduurde bloemetjes vind ik erg mooi. Het leek me erg leuk om ze zelf te breien en uiteindelijk mijn eigen ontwerpen te maken. 

Een knipoog naar de jaren 70

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Ik ben gek op stoffen met drukke prints. Tijdens een speurtocht naar nieuwe stofjes ben ik afgelopen zomer gestuit op een webshop met de meest geweldige bedrukte stofjes. Het aanbod is met 22.000 stoffen waanzinnig groot. Je kan je vast wel voorstellen, dat het nog een hele klus was om binnen budget te blijven.


Modegeschiedenis als inspiratiebron

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De mode uit de historie heeft me altijd al aangesproken. Vroeger droomde ik al van de beroemde Sissi-jurken. Of stelde ik mezelf voor als middeleeuwse jonkvrouw met bijbehorende jurk. De ene jurk na de andere jurk tekende ik, schetsboeken vol.