Lutterloh 1941

From now on I will write in English. I know my English isn't perfect, but I think it's good enough to express myself properly.

Today, the mailman made me very happy, because he had something for me:

Last week, I bought an original Lutterloh pattern book from 1941. Althought, this is not my first Lutterloh book, I still haven't worked with the Lutterloh system yet. So it might take some time to finish drawing the first pattern. 
The patterns in the book are very small. With a special ruler, it's possible to convert the patterns to your own size.  

Here are some of my favourite patterns from the Lutterloh book:

I really adore these two dresses. I like the sleeves of the left dress. The dress has so many beautiful details, like the sleeves, and the center part of the bodice.   
I love the neckline and the double rows of buttons of the other dress. 

I definitely want to make these dresses.

 The book contains patterns of different types of clothes. Not only dresses, but also coats, jackets, trousers and skirts. Even pyjama's and underwear! Take a look:

Don't you just love the drawings! The women back those days looked so stylish and elegant.  

I think I will start with pattern 54, the skirt, before starting with dresses. Just to get to know the system. 

Because I don't like to work on too many projects at the same time, i have to be a little patient. I really need to finish, at least some, of my other projects.

I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Love these! Found my inspiration for what i'm going to wear for the talent show!


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