Weekly Update // Preview Blouse and Skirt

Sewing Weekend
Last weekend was great. We went to a group accomodation in a farm and it was all about sewing. I never thought I could spend that many hours behind my sewing machine. I finished the 40s inspired blouse and started with the 70s dress. Here are some quick pics on a dress form. I will try to get some pics wearing the blouse this weekend. 


Mix and match

Sewing weekend
This weekend is sewing weekend. From friday till sunday we will gather with 17 people in a farm where we can eat, sleep and of course sew. Although I have some projects which aren't finished yet, I want to create some other things. I thought it might be handy to avoid switching threads all the time in the sewing machine and serger and stay instead with the same color. The last days I have been searching for new projects, preparing the patterns and cutting the fabric. I already planned to make the Marion 1972 Dress. But I want to bring more. Probably I won't finish everything, but this way I can switch between projects if I feel like.


Finished: 70s Sweet Candy Dress

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Muslin turned into finished dress

Today I finished the 70s dress. At first this was meant to be a muslin. I didn't like the fabric that much, but when I was working with the fabric I started to like it a little better. Besides I didn't need to change a lot on the pattern which made me decide to finish the dress. The dress is completely lined from the inside and has an invisible zipper at the back.


Improved Embroidered Skirt

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I thought it would be a quick fix altering my embroidered skirt. Well, it wasn't. I almost completely deconstructed the skirt and my zipper broke as well. It took more time then I thought, but the fit is better now.


Semi-Finished: Red Embroidered Skirt

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The skirt is made of a red wool. Unfortunately the fabric wrinkles really fast. I just ironed the skirt before wearing it but it starts to wrinkle after a few minutes. I drafted the pattern myself. It's a A-line skirt. 


Weekly update

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Since I strained a muscle in my neck last week, I haven't done as much as I wanted to.

I sort of finished the assignments for my sewing course. And I made a muslin of the coat. But we didn't have any time left for a fit, though. Within a couple of weeks I can continue.

I really hate the pattern of the coat. Well, its more because I'm not used to this modern Simplicity pattern magazine. I couldn't find anything about how to put in the sleeves. On the pattern there were no signs of which side of the sleeve belongs to the front. Very frustrating. I looked it up in one of my books, but I'm still not sure yet. 

Today I worked on my 40s Lutterloh skirt and I made some changes on the 70s Sweet Candy dress to create a better fit. These two needs to be fitted again. After that I can finish it. 

To do list this week:

- work on my sewing course assingments. I really want to finish them this week. Because next week will be very busy. Starting at my new job and going to a sewing weekend. And i don't want to make homework over there!

- finish my 40s skirt

- finish my embroidered skirt


Change of plan

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Sometimes I can be a litlle changeable about my sewing and knitting plans. I started  with the Raphael tunic a while ago, but I started to get doubts. 


New vintage patterns

Although I told myself not to spend any money on patterns anymore, I couldn't resist buying this lot, because they were so cheap. 

My favourites are 1, 3, 4 and 6


Rock & Roll Dress

Boogie Woogie
Last summer I had the great idea of taking dancing lessons. Boogie Woogie that is. Well actually I like Lindy Hop even better, but I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no dancing school where you can take Lindy Hop dancing lessons. I thought if I am going take dancing lessons I need a dress to wear. A full circle skirt, with a petticoat and bright colors.


Organizing my projects

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Lately, I was thinking about organizing my sewing projects.
When I started sewing, years ago, I worked on one project, finished it and started a new one. Nowadays I prefer working on multiple projects at the same time. 



The pictures of last week was kind of purple themed, this week it's the color blue. It wasn't really on purpose, though.