Change of plan

Sometimes I can be a litlle changeable about my sewing and knitting plans. I started  with the Raphael tunic a while ago, but I started to get doubts. 

I love the colours and I love the embroidered flowers, but I wasn't sure about the desing. I'm not really into tunics. Before I bought the yarn I thougt about making a dress of it, but it might be a little difficult of you don't are a experienced knitter. So I decided to stick with the original pattern and bought the yarn. But I started to doubt again when I started knitting. 

After some pattern search at Ravelry I thought about changing the  pattern. Instead of knitting a tunic I choose a pattern of a cardigan, since I like these way better than tunics. 

I will alter the embroidery so it fits on the cardigan.  
It was quite difficult to find the right pattern. Normally I choose a pattern and buy the needed yarn, but now it's the other way around. And that gives you some limits. 


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