Semi-Finished: Red Embroidered Skirt

The skirt is made of a red wool. Unfortunately the fabric wrinkles really fast. I just ironed the skirt before wearing it but it starts to wrinkle after a few minutes. I drafted the pattern myself. It's a A-line skirt. 

The skirt contains a yoke on both sides which I have embroidered. Embroidery is kind of new to me but I really like to use it. It gives a garment just something extra. The hem is hand seamed with a blind stitch.

Edit: After seeing the pictures and thinking a little about it I decided to change the skirt. I'm really annoyed with the wrinkles. I know it's part of the fabric, but it's really tight at my hips. Originally I drafted the skirt with a lowered waist. But I think its better for the fit to narrow the side seams at top a little so the waist will be little higher. This means the hem wil be a little higher as well. But I don't mind, I want a smooth fitted skirt :)

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