Organizing my projects

Lately, I was thinking about organizing my sewing projects.
When I started sewing, years ago, I worked on one project, finished it and started a new one. Nowadays I prefer working on multiple projects at the same time. 

I started doing this, because I have very little patience. I used to rush trough projects, so i could finish it as quickly as possible. The finishing touch, in my opinion one of the most important things in sewing, suffered badly from my impatience. After hours of sewing, I wasn't focused anymore.
So, now, when I feel I'm loosing my focus, I switch to another project. With the result of having more projects at the same time.

To keep on track I decided to make a weekly update on what I've been doing. Another reason for structuring my projects is the sewing course I attended in september. I have to do a lot of homework and it has to be finished at the end of may. Luckily, I'm not behind with the assignments I have to make at home. 

At the moment some things are changing. There is a lot going on, and with starting a new job at the end of this month I really want to use my spare time efficient, and preventing getting a pile of unfinished projects.

Things I have going on at the moment:

Sewing course: In need to finish 4 assignments and prepare everything for the next lesson. 

Coat: My mother in law asked me a while ago to make a coat. She's visiting this week. So it's a good opportunity to make a muslin and start with the coat.

The pattern of the red coat will be used. I'm going to use a black wool and I will do something (not sure what yet) with the goblin fabric. 

40s Skirt: Last week I started with the Lutterloh skirt.

70sSweet Candy Dress: The fitting has already been done. I need to change te patterns and alter the dress. 

Pleated skirt: This was actually a fail. I had some problems with putting the zipper between the pleats. But I've learned at my sewing course how to do this properly. Second chance for this one!

Skirt: My boyfriends grandmother is a lady who likes to dress up.  You will never miss her when she enters a room. She likes to wear brigh colors. And compared to othes she is most of the time overdressed. She asked me to sew a new skirt, which I like to do of course. 

Embroidered Skirt: Recently I started experimenting with embroidery. The skirt is almost finished, I only nead to hand sew the hem (cross stitch.

To do list this week:

- finish the sewing course assignments
- Coat mother in law
- taking pictures of my finished dress!

If i have time left:
- finish the embroidered skirt
- finish the 40s skirt


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