Rock & Roll Dress

Boogie Woogie
Last summer I had the great idea of taking dancing lessons. Boogie Woogie that is. Well actually I like Lindy Hop even better, but I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no dancing school where you can take Lindy Hop dancing lessons. I thought if I am going take dancing lessons I need a dress to wear. A full circle skirt, with a petticoat and bright colors.

The dress from hell
It turned out to be a quite ambitious project. I wanted to draft the pattern myself and I used a fabric with strips for the bodice. Stripes are difficult because you see every flaw in it, you have to work very neat. The muslin turned out fine, so I started with the real thing. 

And thats when the problems started. The bodice didn't fit as good as the muslin did. So I had to alter it a lot. Then I wanted to make button holes in the front panel. At that time I was using a sewing machine, which couldn't make any decent button holes and  it even destroyed my fabric. So I had to replace the right front pannel. At that time I was so frustrated, because I couldn't finish the dress because of the failing button holes and decided to put it aside.

Second chance
A couple of months later, I saved up enough money to buy a new sewing machine. After all that time I really wanted to finish the dress. But when I took a look at the dress one of the back pannels was damaged as well and needed replacement. Luckily I had some fabric left. 
With my new machine I could make button holes without any problems. But when I had almost finished the dress and tried it on for an extra fitting, the space between the button holes popped open. I changed the buttons, but the problem still existed. I even tried snap fasteners(?), but it didn't solve the problem. My solution was to hand sew the two front pannels together. So after all the trouble I can't even open my dress on the front, its just decorative. 

I am not 100 % content. The fit isn't as good as I wanted it to be. But for a second try drawing my own dress pattern its okay. It was the first time working with stripes. And it's makes a sewing project harder. Everything has to match.  I don’t like that the front of the dress won’t  open.     

Unfortunately, due some logistic problems I wasn't able to take the dancing lessons after all, but now I have the dress! Hopefully I can start next season.


  1. I think it looks great. Nice combo of colours and patterns. I have yet to try stripes. Nearest I get is a gingham.
    It sounds a bit like the dress I'm making for a lindy exchange in June. It started off as an idea to have separate bodice and skirt...but I only had one [long] zip so I'm modifying it to be a dress. I'm planning on modifying the bodice next time to a front button opening one so I can add some sleeves onto it.

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to your dress!

  3. Wow what a stunning outfit! This is adorable to dance in but if not who cares its such a great dress! Even with the few complications it looks like it turned out really nice and who needs to open buttons anyway!
    P.S just came across your blog and love it. Have to read through your blog posts now hehe.


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