Weekly update

Since I strained a muscle in my neck last week, I haven't done as much as I wanted to.

I sort of finished the assignments for my sewing course. And I made a muslin of the coat. But we didn't have any time left for a fit, though. Within a couple of weeks I can continue.

I really hate the pattern of the coat. Well, its more because I'm not used to this modern Simplicity pattern magazine. I couldn't find anything about how to put in the sleeves. On the pattern there were no signs of which side of the sleeve belongs to the front. Very frustrating. I looked it up in one of my books, but I'm still not sure yet. 

Today I worked on my 40s Lutterloh skirt and I made some changes on the 70s Sweet Candy dress to create a better fit. These two needs to be fitted again. After that I can finish it. 

To do list this week:

- work on my sewing course assingments. I really want to finish them this week. Because next week will be very busy. Starting at my new job and going to a sewing weekend. And i don't want to make homework over there!

- finish my 40s skirt

- finish my embroidered skirt

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