Finished: 50s Inspired Blouse

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Finally I finished one of my sewing projects! Well, what can I write about it? I used a modern pattern which I altered. This is actually my third blouse using this pattern. If you want to see the other blouses click here and here. I added a bow, a slightly bigger one then in one of the other blouses. And I added a puffed sleeve. 


Knitting Update

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Today I didn't feel like sewing, because I really wanted to finish knitting the sleeve of my purple cardigan. And I managed it finally! I started blocking the sleeves. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to block all the parts at the same time, so I have to be a little patient before I can start finishing the cardigan.


More Inspiration / Meer Inspiratie

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In one of my blogs I posted this picture which I really like.

In een van mijn vorige blogs heb ik een afbeelding gepost die ik erg mooi vind.


Preview 50s Tulip Blouse

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Because I was early home from work I had time to work a bit on my 50s inspired Tulip blouse. 
Here's a quick preview:


Knitting/Crochet inspiration

Although I've been sewing a lot this week, I haven't finished anything yet. 


40s Lutterloh Skirt

I've been asked to write in Dutch again, therefore, starting today, I will write my blogs in both Dutch and English.

Ik ben gevraagd weer in het Nederlands te gaan schrijven. Vanaf vandaag, zullen mijn blogs zowel in  het Nederlands als in het Engels worden geschreven.

Back to the skirt! Terug naar de rok!


Super Sewing Saturday

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When I started this blog I wanted to write, at least, two blogs a week. In the beginning it really worked, but since I have a new job it's getting more difficult. I worked a lot and, I think everyone experiences that, a new job consumes a lot of energy in the beginning. 


40s inspired blouse

This weekend I found some time to take pictures of me wearing my new blouse. As you could have read in one of my previous entries I worked with a modern pattern and altered it to create a vintage look. I changed the sleeves by making them shorter and adding cuffs. Also I added a breast pocket.