40s inspired blouse

This weekend I found some time to take pictures of me wearing my new blouse. As you could have read in one of my previous entries I worked with a modern pattern and altered it to create a vintage look. I changed the sleeves by making them shorter and adding cuffs. Also I added a breast pocket. 

 These picture come from an older post, but for the details these pics are more better: 

I don't really have much experience in sewing blouses. But I really like it, especially because the basic pattern fits well. 
This way I can finish a project quite fast. Besides, with some minor alterations like a different collar, sleeves or adding pockets you can change the look completely.

Here are some images of 40s blouses which inspires me:


  1. Hallo! Wat leuk om de blouse nu af te zien. Hij staat je prachtig! Anne.

    1. Dankjewel! Ik heb de blouse nog af kunnen krijgen tijdens het naaiweekend, maar toen waren jullie al weg. Nog gefeliciteerd met je dochter!


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