Super Sewing Saturday

When I started this blog I wanted to write, at least, two blogs a week. In the beginning it really worked, but since I have a new job it's getting more difficult. I worked a lot and, I think everyone experiences that, a new job consumes a lot of energy in the beginning. 

On friday night I felt a sleep on the couch right after dinner, when I woke up I went straight to bed for more sleep. So on saturday morning I felt rested, I woke up early and went immediately to my sewing room. Yesterday I've been sewing almost all day and night. I only took a break for grocery shopping and dinner. 

In the morning I started with the skirt I make for the grandmother of my boyfriend R. 

 The skirt is ready for a first fit. The fabric I used is a red crepe. 

After sewing the red skirt I worked on my 40s skirt again. It's almost finished now. I only need to hand sew the hem and iron it properly. I had some scraps left and I thought it would be fun to make a matching bow. 

In the evening I started with the 70s dress. I already made a wearable muslin which turned out pretty good. I think this dress really needs a belt. 

Today I will do the handwork on the 40s skirt and I will visit my family for dinner. Happy Easter everyone!

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