New sewing projects: Two skirts and Improving the 50s blouse.

You might think, where are the dresses she blogged about?!? No, I didn't forget about my dresses!  A couple of weeks ago my sewing course has started again and this year wear going to draft patterns, lots of patterns. Everything in our own size. There are some mandatory patterns we have to draft, but after that the fun part will start! We have to make our own patterns based on pictures or drawings of your own choosing. This means I will draft a lot of vintage inspired patterns. Can't wait to start!
As a final assignment we have to sew a couple of them!


Free Vintage Pattern: Draft your own full circle skirt and some sewing tips!

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I added another pattern to the free patterns page today. It's a pattern for a full circle skirt. This pattern I used for the Delft Blue circle skirt in my last blog. 


Finished: 50s inspired blouse and Delft Blue circle skirt

Yes! I finally finished something! My last finished project was over 3 months ago!

Yes! Eindelijk weer iets klaar! Het laatste project dat ik heb afgerond was ruim 3 maanden geleden!


One project vs. multiple projects

I really envy people who work on one sewing project, finish it and start a new one. I'm not like that at all. No, most of the time I'm working on more projects. 


Surprise for (Dutch) readers!

Before we had the fire at our home I was thinking about sharing some of my vintage sewing and knitting patterns.  


WIP: Purple Embroidered Cardigan

I knitted this cardigan months ago. I started with the embroidery but then put it down for a while. I think I'm not always in the mood for embroidery. I like to do bits and snaps every now and then, but can't embroider for hours.