Flea market

When we moved back to our home and we unpacked our things I went with a very critical eye through our belongings and made a selection of things which we could sell at a fleamarket. 

Yesterday I went with my mother and sister in law to a fleamarket in the TT hall at Assen. Besides selling I did some shopping as well. This is what I bought:

Vintage postcards:

Vintage embroidery and smock patterns:

Libelle (a Dutch Womens magazine) supplements with knitting and crochet patterns:

Vintage hat:

Antique collar: 

Leather gloves: 

My mother in law had a box of leather gloves, so they were a gift!

Lace and buttons (also a gift):

A set of weights:

 To use for cutting fabric, drafting patterns.

Last but not least: When I unpacked my boxes to install our booth I found the missing pattern piece of the Brigitte dress! I don't know how it came there, but I'm so happy I found it! 

This fleamarket was lovely, great booths with vintage and antique, good prices, nice music (a quartet which played lovely songs from the 20s - 40s) and a great ambiance. 


Finished: Gerties pencil skirt

You remember my doubt about my blouse and Delft blue circle skirt? Well, this time I made a matching pencil skirt, using the same fabric as the dark brown details of the blouse. I got R. making the pictures. He felt like sharing a bit of our (almost finished) living room.


Sewing inspiration: Velvet dress

It's been on my mind for the whole week. I want a velvet dress. I think a velvet dress is perfect for winter, for christmas. I want to share some of my favourite velvet dresses I pinned on my Pinterest. Just some eye candy and some inspiration! Some modern, some vintage.


I wanted to use velvet for my 40s pleated dress, but my sewing teacher is advising against it. The fabric will be too thick for the pleats. Now I have a dilemma: sew another dress with velvet or remove the pleats of the pattern... 

What do you think of velvet dresses?


Look what I found!

I thougt my fair isle beret was lost, but I found it when we were unpacking our moving boxes a while ago. I just finished knitting this beret before we had the fire, but luckily, the cleaning company was able to clean it.


A bit of this, a bit of that

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First I want to tell you I switch back to English blogs only. I've been writing blogs but in Dutch and English for a while, but I decided to quit writing Dutch blogs. With having a full time job, my spare time is limited and I prefer spending my free time on sewing and not that much on writing blogs in two languages. Ok, let's go back to sewing!

Als eerste wil ik melden dat ik geen blogs meer zal plaatsen in het Nederlands. Het is momenteel zo druk, dat ik er steeds meer tegenop zie om blogs in twee talen te schrijven. Daarnaast gebruik ik mijn vrije tijd liever voor het maken van nieuwe kledingstukken. Ik hoop dat jullie hier begrip voor hebben!


Vintage Sportswear: Ice skating dresses

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Although I don't exercise at all (except cycling to my work), but I do love vintage sportswear. Those clothes are (most of the times) so beautiful and elegant.