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First I want to tell you I switch back to English blogs only. I've been writing blogs but in Dutch and English for a while, but I decided to quit writing Dutch blogs. With having a full time job, my spare time is limited and I prefer spending my free time on sewing and not that much on writing blogs in two languages. Ok, let's go back to sewing!

Als eerste wil ik melden dat ik geen blogs meer zal plaatsen in het Nederlands. Het is momenteel zo druk, dat ik er steeds meer tegenop zie om blogs in twee talen te schrijven. Daarnaast gebruik ik mijn vrije tijd liever voor het maken van nieuwe kledingstukken. Ik hoop dat jullie hier begrip voor hebben!

So, what's going on lately? Well, I'm not really a planner when I pick new sewing projects. Which means I end up sewing winter skirts during summer. I want to avoid that this time. As a start I went through my fabric stash and discoverd I don't have that much fabric suitable for autumn/winter. Apparently I love buying cottons with a cute print, like  florals, peacocks, flamingo's, ecc. Luckicly I found some pieces which are more suitable for  the upcoming seasons. I decided to use these fabrics for my upcoming projects. If I want to buy new fabric, it has to be fall/winter appropriate. 

Stash of autumn/winter fabrics
I've been drafting a lot of patterns lately! Not only as homework for my sewing course, but I also drafted two different suspender skirts! And with a bit of luck I can start drafting the 40s pleated dress next week!

And of course, new skirts needs new blouses! I hope I can post some pictures in a few days!

Oh, I completely forgot about my pencil skirt. Well, it's almost finished. 

Happy sewing!

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  1. Wel jammer van je beslissing, maar ik begrijp het wel, lijkt me wel een heel gedoe zo in twee talen steeds.


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