Finished: Gerties pencil skirt

You remember my doubt about my blouse and Delft blue circle skirt? Well, this time I made a matching pencil skirt, using the same fabric as the dark brown details of the blouse. I got R. making the pictures. He felt like sharing a bit of our (almost finished) living room.

I used the pattern of the pencil skirt of Gerties New Book for Better Sewing. It was a easy project. I only needed to take in the hips a little and I made the darts a good deal shorter so they fitted my body better.

Used techniques:

- blind zipper
- invisible hem using catch stitch
- used hem binding
- seams are folded and stitched
- inside part of waist band is stitched by hand to the skirt using a combination of the drawstitch and fellstitch

I added the list of techniques to get out of my comfort zone. Last year I learned so many new techniques during the sewing course I attended, but somehow I'm a bit 'scared' of using them in real projects. The challenge myself I want to use more new techniques in my upcoming sewing projects.

(I really hate seeing my tied bow is leading it's on life)

Hope you like it :)


  1. Mooi rokje, staat je goed ook en zo met die blouse! Leuke inrichting ook :)

  2. How incredibly pretty! I adore everything about this classic, feminine, timelessly becoming outfit. Awesome job on the skirt, dear gal, you look stunning in it.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The pencil skirt looks good on you! A sewing job well done. I've made it as well and I love the pattern!


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