Flea market

When we moved back to our home and we unpacked our things I went with a very critical eye through our belongings and made a selection of things which we could sell at a fleamarket. 

Yesterday I went with my mother and sister in law to a fleamarket in the TT hall at Assen. Besides selling I did some shopping as well. This is what I bought:

Vintage postcards:

Vintage embroidery and smock patterns:

Libelle (a Dutch Womens magazine) supplements with knitting and crochet patterns:

Vintage hat:

Antique collar: 

Leather gloves: 

My mother in law had a box of leather gloves, so they were a gift!

Lace and buttons (also a gift):

A set of weights:

 To use for cutting fabric, drafting patterns.

Last but not least: When I unpacked my boxes to install our booth I found the missing pattern piece of the Brigitte dress! I don't know how it came there, but I'm so happy I found it! 

This fleamarket was lovely, great booths with vintage and antique, good prices, nice music (a quartet which played lovely songs from the 20s - 40s) and a great ambiance. 


  1. Wow you scored some awesome stuff!


  2. What wonderful finds! I especially love the hand tinted vintage postcards, chic black hat, and elegant lace collar.

    When we moved across the country earlier this year I was pretty ruthless in regards to what came with us and what didn't, too. I find it just makes setting up home again so much more enjoyable when you truly love and are eager to find a spot for all your possessions.

    ♥ Jessica

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