New knitting project: Bestway 1935

Once again, it's been very busy. This weekend I really want to pick up on my sewing. I want to finish the 40s blouse, I only need to make the buttonholes and then it's done. And I want to finish my Dasha sweater. This week I'm trying to tuck away the threads of the pieces so I can sew it together on saturday. Last thing to do is to sew on the buttons. And then it's finally done!


Sewing class assingments: Drafting Skirt Patterns

This weekend  I tried to finish my 40s blouse. I did a lot of progress yesterday and wanted to finish the blouse this afternoon, after making the muslin for my sewing class. Unfortunately it took me the morning and afternoon making the muslin. And now I don't feel like sewing anymore. 


WIP: Dasha Sweater and 40s blouse

Just a quick update. I feel I'm not very productive lately. Last month was quite a busy month, so I really wanted to catch up on sewing this past weekend. But somehow I was so tired I only did some house cleaning, I tried to sew a little but it just didn't go well. I know how it goes when I'm pushing myself to sew something, although I feel I'm not in the right mood, things go wrong and I'm getting frustrated. Instead, I picked up my embroidery of the purple cardigan and I blocked three pieces of my Dasha sweater. 

Today I felt like sewing again, I worked a bit on my 40s blouse.
I made the sleeve splits and sewed the collar and facing to the bodice. This took quite some time because the instructions weren't that clear.

 I also basted the front, back and one sleeve together of the Dasha sweater. I had a discussion with one of the ladies at the knitting cafe I'm attending. She tought my sweater came out way too small. It got me a bit insecure because I thought I was resizing the sweater correctly. I just tried it on and it fits! I'm so happy. I've been working on this sweater for months now. I reknitted the front piece and part of the back piece to get the right size. Yes, my first resizing of the pattern did not go very well. It is one big learning process, but I will write more about that when the sweater is finished! 

Now I need to knit the second sleeve and finish it up!


Inspiration: Knitting something for him

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I planned to finish sewing my 40s blouse today. But I'm feeling so tired. I woke up with a major headache and I know that if I'm going to work on my blouse it will be a disaster.  Instead I cleaned the house and now I'm installed on the couch with a pot of tea, my laptop and a box of knitting patterns.