Top 5 of 2012: Fails

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I'm back from a trip to Germany, which was awesome! Now it's time to start with the top 5 0f 2012 series hosted by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow. Let's start with the fails!


The most unclear chrochet pattern I ever used, some fabulous fabric covered buttons and Bestway 1935 progress

Excuse me for the long title, but those are the subjects of this blog. Let's start with the crochet pattern. Yesterday I wrote about the 30s beret I want to crochet. Well I made a start last week and yesterday evening I made some progress. Just some, because the pattern is not very clear. I've been counting stitches, adding notes, make the most beautiful sketches, in order to understand what needs to be done.


New project: 30s scarf and beret

I owned many knitted/crocheted hats,  but alas, I don't own them anymore, because of the fire we had last summer. After finishing Dasha's sweater I wanted to start a smaller project along the Bestway 1935 sweater. A hat would be perfect: it's a small project and I can really use more hats. I wear the same hat for months now and I it becomes a bit boring!


Finished project: Dasha's Sweater

For me it's a little bit saying goodbye to Dasha. Somehow I connected Dasha with the woman on the picture. Instead of Dasha sweater it became Dasha's sweater. The sweater of Dasha. Since I finished the sweater and started a new knitting project it's time to put Dasha away in my map of knitting patterns. 

Voor mij is het een beetje alsof ik afscheid neem van Dasha. Op een bepaalde manier koppelde ik Dasha met de vrouw op de foto. In plaats van 'Dasha sweater' werd het voor mij Dasha's sweater. De trui van Dasha. Nu het truitje af is en ik ben begonnen met een nieuw breiwerk, is het tijd om Dasha op te bergen in mijn map met breipatronen. 


Free Vintage Knitting Pattern / Gratis Vintage Breipatroon

It's been a while since I posted my last free pattern. But today I found some time to upload another vintage knitting pattern. It's a Dutch pattern from Vrouwenwereld (may, 1940). The pattern consists of a two piece ensemble. I love that the ribbing of the jumper is smaller in contrast to the ribbing of the skirt. The eye catching crocheted buttons are great. The pattern suggests a grey wool. I think this would be great in dark green as well. Or maybe a contrasting color for the borders.