1 Year Bloggiversary + Giveaway!

Dear readers,

Exactly one year ago I started my blog. To celebrate this I want to host a giveaway!
I want to thank you all for reading my blog and leaving all those lovely comments! I really appreciate it!

Lieve lezers,

Precies een jaar geleden ben ik deze blog gestart. Om dit te vieren houd ik een giveaway!
Ik willie jullie bedanken voor het lezen van mijn blog en al die mooie reacties die ik heb gekregen! Ik waardeer het zeer!

What can you win?
Wat kan je winnen?

Classic Fashion Patterns of the 20th Century by Anne Tyrrell
This book contains a brief fashion history of the 20th century and per decade a couple of sewing patterns. The patterns are scaled down so you have to draft them yourself, The book has instructions on drafting the patterns and sewing them.

Dit boek bevat niet alleen een overzicht van de modegeschiedenis van de 20e eeuw, maar ook per decennium een aantal naaipatronen. De patronen zijn op schaal getekend, dus je moet ze zelf tekenen. Het boek bevat instructies voor het naaien en het tekenen van de patronen.

Since I have so many fabric, it's time to give some away. I hope I can make someone happy with these fabrics.

Omdat ik zoveel  stof heb, wil ik graag wat weggeven. Ik hoop dat ik iemand blij kan maken met deze stofjes.

 Marine Colored Corduroy / Donkerblauwe ribfluweel
 ca. 200 x 140 cm

2 pieces of floral print jersey  / 2 stuks tricot met bloemetjes
ca. 140 x 140 cm & ca. 50 x 140 cm

Black and White cotton(?) with a little stretch / Zwartwit stofje (katoen?) met een beetje rek

To win all of this you have to be a follower of my blog. Leave a comment below and tell me which decade inspires you most, fahion or sewing wise. 

Om te kunnen winnen moet je een volger zijn van mijn blog. En laat een reactie achter waarin je vertelt uit welke periode je het meest inspireert als het om mode/ kleding maken gaat.

The giveaway closes march 3th at 00.00 (Dutch / MET time).

De giveaway eindigt zondag 3 maart om 00.00.

I ship internationally!


  1. Hello Anthea-- Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Congrats on your one year anniversary. I love the 40s 50s and 60s but sometimes I get a kick out of the 70s as well. So to choose one decade is a little difficult!

  2. I've just started to follow your blog.
    It reminds me that I should work more on mine. ;) I think it's great you blog in both languages.
    Wich decade I like the most? Mostly 40's and 50's. Maybe early 60's.

  3. Hoi Anthea,

    Wat een leuke giveaway zeg! Ik wil dolgraag wat meer weten over de naaipatronen van vroeger. De jaren 30 en 40 inspireren mij het meest. Die periode voelt voor mij als thuiskomen!


  4. Happy blogging anniversary! What a great giveaway! Whilst I have a great love for the 1940s I think that my favourite decade is the 1950s, especially for the knitting and sewing patterns.

  5. Happiest one year blogging anniversary! What a marvelous milestone. Isn't there such a wonderful feeling to being able to look back on twelve full months of your own writing?

    Thank you for holding this lovely giveaway! I follow your blog through Bloglovn' and Google Friend Connect.

    While there are elements of every decade (and century) that inspire me, it's the 1940s and 50s that have always spoken the loudest to me. To be very specific, the ten year span between 1947 and 1957 are my favourite years, from a fashion standpoint, of all-time.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Happy blogiversary and congratulations on your milestone.
    My sewing journey has not come far enough to have a specific favorite period. I sew to fill needs in my wardrobe. My style is simple and uncomplicated and my sewing reflects that. You have a lovely blog.

  7. Happy blogiversary! =) Wow, I've looked through some of your old posts and you've had an amazing first year blogging!

    I tend to shift between different decades, but my current favorite decade is the 30s. I'm mostly inspired by the early to mid 30s, all those interesting cut-lines and details! And I love the silhouette, despite how impractical it may be in everyday life =)

  8. Congratulations on 1 year! I have just completed 1 1/2 months, and it feels like a long time already!

    I have just begun to subscribe to your blog, and I am very excited to read your archived posts. The first few are already exciting!

    Coincidentally, I will be visiting Amsterdam for the first time in April! It will be my first time in the Netherlands, and hopefully not the last. :)

    As for the giveaway, my favorite decade is the 1940s, although I love anything from the 1920s to the 1950s (and some 1960s).

    1. Have fun in Amsterdam! If you want to do some vintage shopping, this is a great guide made by Tess of Fifties Darling:

  9. One year! Awesome. I love blogging. It is such a great way to meet people who are passionate about the things that you are. I always find such great ideas from blogs.

    For me i think it is the 40's. Perhaps because of the history of the times. The world was in such a mess and i find the history fascinating. I guess that transposed into the clothing. People everywhere were trying to be beautiful and thrifty on meager rashions.

    I love TV drama's set at this time, i love books set in this time, I love learning the history of this time. Regardless of what "side" the story comes from i love them all.

    So i guess i love the clothes because i love the history. I love hats, i love curls, i love graceful dresses.

    Anyway, Congrats on the year of the blog. I hope you have another great sewing year,full of fun and great projects.


  10. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    My favourite decade has changed over the years. It used to be the 60s - those modern shift dresses and short skirts! But as I've gotten a little older, and realised that that shape wasn't necessarily the best for me, the 50's flared skirts took hold of me.
    However, recently I've found myself harking back to the 40s.
    If I go on like this I'll be wearing crinolines by the time I'm 60!


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