Inspiration: 40s Jumper Dresses

My jumper dress is almost finished. I only need to sew the buttonholes and put on the buttons. I really like jumper dresses and wanted to share some wity you.

Mijn overgooier is bijna klaar. Alleen de knoopsgaten, knopen en de zoom moeten nog. Ik vind overgooiers erg leuk, daarom wil ik graag een aantal met jullie delen.

As you can see, the jumper dress is very versatile. They come with different necklines, wrapped, embroidery, sleeve caps and even knitted!

Zoals je kan zien, is de overgooier zeer divers. De halsijn varieert, ze komen met een overlsag, met borduurwerk, mouwtjes of zelfs gebreid! 

Next to it, you can wear them with a blouse or top or without. You can wear them the year round.

Daarnaast kun je ze met en zonder blouse/top dragen. Je kan ze dus het hele jaar door dragen.

What do you think of jumper dresses? What is your favourite?

Wat vind jij van overgooiers? Wat is jouw favoriet?

I had so many problems adding pictures to this blogpost. Here are the sources of the pictures:

Het is me niet gelukt de bronnen bij de afbeeldingen toe te voegen, dus hieronder staan ze:


  1. Jumper dresses are, bar none, one of my all-time favourte vintage garments, too. I finally purchased my first repro one with Christmas money from my parents this past December, and have my eye on another from a different brand that I hope to get sometime this year. Of course I'd utterly love to have a true vintage 40s one (or ten! :) ), too.

    Lovely, swoon-worthy images, dear Anthea. Hope the final stages of your project go wonderfully smooth for you.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. This one will be my first, but I definitely want more!

  2. I LOVE jumper dresses. They are so cute and playful! I just love how comfortable they are to wear but still stylish looking. I have a reproduction jumper dress that I wear all the time. Good luck with the button holes on your dress, that is by far the part of sewing that I am worst at!

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Since I got my nem sewing machine, I'm not that scared of buttonholes anymore!

  3. I join with my colleagues to comment to say that I love jumpers, certainly they are versatile! I are full of satisfaction with all these images ... They are a feast for my eyes!


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