Finished: Vogue 8767

Today I finished a much needed spring dress. The pattern I used is Vogue 8767, a 30s reproduction pattern.  
This sewing project was a real confidence booster for me!

Vandaag was het dan eindelijk zover. Mijn eerste jurk voor de lente is klaar! Ik heb een patroon van Vogue (8767) gebruikt. Dit patroon is een reproductie van een jaren 30 patroon. En ik moet zeggen dit project was zeer goed voor mijn zelfvertrouwen!

Intentionally I wanted to start with my next Lutterloh 1941 sewing project, but I ran out of tracing paper. I buy my tracing paper at a webshop, but they ran out of stock. I have to wait for 3 weeks before I can start. I can buy shitty tracing paper in a fabric store, but I need/want better quality for drafting my patterns. 

Eigenlijk wilde ik beginnen met het tekenen van het patroon voor het Lutterloh 1941 project, maar ik had geen patroontekenpapier meer. Deze bestel ik altijd bij een webwinkel, maar zij hadden helaas niets meer op voorraad. Ik moet dus 3 weken wachten voordat ik weer wat in huis heb. Ik kan natuurlijk dat goedkope papier uit de stoffenwinkel kopen, maar ik werk liever met steviger patroontekenpapier.

Therefore I continued with the 30s Lutterloh dress. Bit I got a bit tired of it, because I'm still not happy with the raglan sleeves. The fit is improving, and I'm getting there, but I'm still not completely satisfied. I really needed to take a break and make another dress, something easy. 

Daarom besloot ik verder te gaan met de Lutterloh jaren 30 jurk. Maar ik werd hem een beetje zat. De raglanmouw is nog steeds niet naar wens, ook al past die nu al een heel stuk beter. Ik moest echt even bezig met wat anders, iets eenvoudigers. 

And I encountered no problems while sewing this dress. Everything went so smooth, I got a bit scared, haha!   I made no alterations to the pattern and I didn't made a muslin this time. I even did my first hand picked zipper. Well I did practice last year during sewing course, but never made a hand picked zipper in a real garment.

En er waren gelukkig geen moeilijkheden bij het maken van de jurk. Alles ging zo goed, dat ik er een beetje angstig van werd, haha! Het patroon heb ik niet aangepast en ik heb deze keer geen proefmodel gemaakt. Het was zelfs de eerste keer voor mij dat ik een rits heb ingeput. Ik heb wel geoefend tijdens naailes vorig jaar, maar nog nooit in een echt kledingstuk gedaan.

I really don't like deadlines when I'm sewing. Especially, when I don't have a lot of time. But I wanted this dress to be finished before saturday, so I can wear it to the birthday party of my inlaws. And I made it, without rushing or stressing. I really stayed focussed and didn't get impatient! 
All in all, I'm very satisfied!

Ik ben meestal niet zo van de deadlines als ik kleding maak. Vooral, als ik weinig tijd heb. Maar ik wilde de jurk graag voor aanstaande zaterdag afhebben, omdat mijn schoonouders dan hun verjaardag vieren. En dat is een mooie gelegenheid om mijn jurk te dragen. En het is dus gelukt, zonder me te haasten of te stressen. Het lukte me om goed geconcentreerd te werken zonder ongeduldig te worden!
Al met al ben ik zeer vertreden!

Which sewing project made you more confident about your sewing skills?

Welk naaiproject heeft jouw zelfvertrouwen vergroot?


  1. It looks fabulous, love the fabric. I made a cape from a new 1950s vintage Vogue pattern last year and that really made me feel a bit more confident about sewing.

  2. I think it turned out beautifully! I especially like the fabric and the little ruffle at the neck. Even though I'm not a sewer myself, I love hearing the successes and the heartbreaks of a piece of clothing in-process to being made!

  3. This is so timelessly, elegantly lovely, dear Anthea. Marvelous job!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Love that the shoes you're wearing in these photos are so similar to the ones the woman on the left is wearing on the sewing pattern envelope.

  4. Thank you ladies!

    @ Jessica: Yeah, I noticed that too when I was writing this blogpost. I hadn't seen it earlier.

  5. The dress looks gorgeous (and I also love your shoes, they are such a perfect fit!)

  6. It looks absolutely amazing - great job!


  7. Fabulous job on this dress. You should give yourself many "high 5's". I admire your sewing skills. It so nice to see how you bring alive these vintage patterns. The dress is perfect for you. I'd love to hear more about how you find the right fabrics for your dresses. I've been having a difficult time with this.

    Lovely job on your dress!

  8. I think this is a fantastic dress and you look lovely modeling it. I love the print. I'm glad it was easy and turned out so wonderfully!

  9. Once again, thank you so much for you lovely comments!

    @Joanna: I (almost) never buy fabric with having a sewing pattern in mind. Sometimes I might have a vague idea of what I'm going to make (dress or blouse, which era, ecc.). Most often I buy fabric because I like it, without having any concrete sewing plans. If i start a new sewing project I go through me stash to find the right fabric. I think cotton is easiest to buy especially when they are printed with florals (at least this counts for fabric shops in my area). They are quite popular at the moment, thus easy to come by and they are very suitable for vintage dresses. Wool is a bit harder for me to get around here, the colors are quite limited. And i don't like buying wool fabric from the internet. I have to feel and see it. Wool is more expensive so I want to be sure to get the right one. Rayon is very hard to find in my country. If you find it, it has the most ugly prints or it has too much stretch.

    If your not quite sure what kind of fabric you need to use you can find suggestions in the pattern instructions. This is really helpful if you're a beginner with sewing. If you're more experienced you kind of sense what fabric to use. It's all about drape, stiffness and thickness of the fabric. Sometimes I take a peek in my closet to see what fabric is used for a specific garment, or I browse the internet (etsy/pinterest) to see what kind of fabric is used.
    And it's also learning about mistakes. I made a couple of garments in the wrong fabric. Then you really see what the effect is if you're using the wrong fabric.

    Another lesson I learnt is investing in quality fabric. Sometimes it's tempting to buy cheap fabric. But it's often harder to work with, leaves holes in the fabric and the colors are fading easily after washing. It such a pity that your garment is damaged after putting so much time in creating it.
    I also avoid buying synthetic

    I hope this answers your question, if you have other questions please let me know!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your thoughts on this subject. It really does help me! I've bought a couple of vintage sewing patterns and I plan to try these after I first do a reproduction dress. I figure it's easier to first start with a "today's" pattern. I just have some simple material for this but I'm thinking after I do this dress I would like some nice 40's fabric. I'd love to have some original fabric but it may take a bit of looking. I really like your idea of looking for the fabric first based upon what you like instead of trying to match to a pattern. I have tons of cotton fabric but I don't think it will be quite the prints I need (I used to quilt.). Thank you for all your advice, very much appreciated!

    2. I'm glad to read that I have helped you a bit.

      I don't consider myself a expert. But if you need help when you're starting a sewing project, feel free to ask!

  10. Gorgeous!!! Love the style on you, both the skirtlength and the sleevestyle looks fabulous! Once in a while sewing projects that just works comes along. It's really just to sit back and enjoy the ride =)

    Interesting question, I hadn't thought about it... My green wool half circle skirt was like that for me. After a coat, tricky dress fitting, men's wear trousers, bias-cut plaid skirt, a whole new skill (jersey-sewing) etc, it was very uplifting to just sew a simple skir. To realise that "Yes! I can do this! And it doesn't have to take forever or cause me to cry or swear, it can be both fast, easy and fun" was a huge liberation and a confidence boost.

    1. Thanks!

      I totally understand what you mean. When drafting your own patterns it takes so much time and it's a lot of trial and error (at least for me) that it can be frustrating at some points. Making something easier whith a quick result can be so relieving. And it motivates you to tackle more challenging sewing projects.

  11. this dress looks amazing :)
    you are really talented!!!
    I try sometimes to sew but I'm not that good!


  12. I just found your blog. You did awesome job with this dress! Love the fabric and contrast colour jabbot. Keep up the good work :D


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