Finishing Touches


I really worked hard the last days to finish the dress. Alas, I didn't make it. Well I could, if I would, but then I had rush. And I didn't want to rush, because I was working on the finishing touches. You know things like sewing buttonholes, making a belt, ecc.

Ik ben de afgelopen dagen druk bezig geweest om de jurk af te krijgen. Maar het is jammer genoeg niet gelukt. Het zou kunnen, maar dan moest ik me haasten. En daar had ik dus geen zin in, omdat ik bezig was met de afwerking. Dingen zoals knoopsgaten maken, een riem maken, enzovoorts. En dat kun je beter in een rustig tempo doen.

So all I can show you is a sneak peak, I hope to show you more next week!

Dus ik heb alleen een sneak peak, hopelijk kan ik jullie volgende week het resultaat laten zien!


  1. Oh my goodness, honey, it is absolutely beautiful. I love that fabric and that you're making a matching belt for it. I just know this stellar floral frock is going to look marvelous on you.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It is looking good! Every time I rush a project I make mistakes so very wise not to!

  3. Wat een mooie jurk zeg !! De stof is ook fantastisch.
    Een heel fijn weekend toegewenst.

  4. The dress looks just lovely! Do you use a special tool to insert the snaps into the button holes? I used to have one of these long ago, I must see if I can find it.

    1. Thanks! I hope I will finish it this week, but plans have changed a bit.

      Do you mean button hole chisels? I don't use them. I use my seam ripper to open the button holes (with a pin on the end so you don't get too far). Loose threads I wil cut away with a small scissor.

    2. I think I even confused myself with this comment lol. I meant did you use a tool on the belt to get the little holes for to fasten the belt?

    3. Yes, I use a tool! I use this thing: http://www.thuisvergelijken.nl/img/category/2339/gaatjestang.jpg

      My box with eyelets comes also with to for making the holes. But I think you get a neater result if you use a tool like mine or an awl.


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