Recap Me Made May Week 3 and a confession to make

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It's time for another MMM recap.

Ik hoop dat jullie een fijn weekend hebben gehad! Het is weer tijd voor een terugblik op MMM.

Outfit 1: Me made skirt. 
I started the week with a casual outfit. I like this skirt, I love the colors and the abstracted peacock feather print of the fabric.

Outfit 1: Zelfgemaakte rok.
Ik ben deze week eenvoudig begonnen. Ik ben erg blij met deze rok. De kleuren zijn erg mooi en ik hou van de abstracte pauwenveer print van het stofje.

Outfit 2: Me made suspender skirt, blouse and cardigan.
Intentionally I didn't plan to wear the cardigan, but it was  a bit chilly. I love how my hair was that day!

Outfit 2: Zelfgemaakte rok, blouse en vestje. In eerste instantie was ik niet van plan om het vestje te dragen, maar het was toch een beetje fris. Ik was zeer tevreden over mijn haar!

Outfit 3: Theme friday! Every friday there is a theme which works as inspiration when photographing your me made outfit. I wear a me made skirt. A self drafted half circle skirt.  

Outfit 3: Theme friday! Elke vrijdag is er een thema, die dient ter inspiratie voor het fotograferen van je outfit. De rok is zelfgemaakt. Het patroon, een kwart cirkelrok, heb ik zelf getekend.

Outfit 4: Me Made blouse and skirt.
The blouse doesn't get a lot of wear. I really like it, but I don't have many skirt or pants that can go with it. Last saturday I was experimenting with different bottoms and I this was my favourite combination.

Outfit 4: Zelfgemaakte blouse en rok. De blouse draag ik niet veel. Ik vind hem wel erg leuk, maar ik kan hem maar slecht combineren. Afgelopen zaterdag was ik een beetje aan het experimenteren met verschillende rokken en dit is het uiteindelijk geworden.


Confession time! I already realised this at the first week of may, but at that time I was a bit in denial.  I realised the clothes I made last year and earlier aren't fitting as well as they should. The reason is that I gained some weight. It's not a lot, but enough that most of the older  skirts are really tight around the waist and hips. I have to admit that lately I wasn't really caring about how much I ate, I think I enjoyed food a bit too well. 

I think I have to loose a few pounds... 

Ik moet wat bekennen! Ik realiseerde het me eigenlijk tijdens de eerste MMM week, maar toen zat ik nog in de ontkenningsfase. Ik realiseerde me namelijk dat met name de oudere kledingstukken niet zo goed meer passen. De reden: ik ben aangekomen. Het is niet veel, maar genoeg dat vooral de rokken in de taille en rond de heupen wel erg strak zitten. Ik moet toegeven dat ik de laatste tijd wel erg van het eten heb genoten. 

Ik denk dat er wel een paar pondjes afkunnen...

P.S. You can still enter the giveaway!
P.S. Je kan nog meedoen met de giveaway!


  1. I love your hair in the second photo soooo much, too! It's one of my favourite ways you've ever worn it here on your blog.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. My hair is so difficult to curl, it's fine and super straight. But it's getting better.

  2. Your outfits are beautiful as always. I have several things I made last year that don't fit quite right either!

    1. Thanks! Luckily, it's nothing dramatic, but I'm trying to loose a few pounds so everything fits better.

  3. You have made such gorgeous outfits! I am loving all of your skirts :)

    1. Thanks :) I love your selfmade wardrobe!

  4. Great round up, and I love the peacock skirt!
    Oh, how I sympathise with the slight weight-gain issue! I've also had that problem. Nothing that would be noticeble, but just a few pounds more can sure lead to clothes being a smidge too tight. I'm always divided about it; while I don't want to stress over a few pounds, it's annoying to not fit into the clothes I've worked hard to make.
    For what it's worth, you look gorgeous in all your outfits!

    1. Exactly! I really have a craving for sweets, so I will try to withstand that a bit better and being a bit more active. Hopefully that does the trick, because I don't feel like dieting at all.

    2. Dieting is just so boring! I stopped (mostly) eating sweets during the workweek-evenings and took at least 30 min walks everyday (plus two 50 min walks/week) and it took 2-3 months to loose my extra 4 pounds. Not a huge change in either diet nor weight, but just eunough for me. Hope a little less sweets and a little more activity will help for you too!

  5. Thank you for sharing those paintings and a little of the history!

    1. No problem!(I think you tried to leave a comment to my latest post)


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