Flea market finds Part I

Last sunday I went to a fleamarket with my mother in law. Last time I went to a fleamarket I didn't find anything, but this time was different!

Afgelopen zondag heb ik met mijn schoonmoeder een vlooienmarkt bezocht. De laatste keer was niet zo'n succes, maar nu had ik meer geluk!

I have a kind of a weak spot for petit point needlework. So I came home with some comb holders, a small mirror and a manicure set, all decorated with lovely embroidered flowers. 

Ik heb een zwak voor petit point borduurwerk. En dus kwam ik thuis met twee hoesjes voor kammen, een spiegeltje en een manicuresetje met geborduurde bloemen.

I picked up two vintage bags. One is a bag with petit point needlework (I told you I have a weak spot). The other one is a dark brown leather bag. This one is a bit damaged, but I hope the cobbler can repair it.

Ik heb twee vintage tasjes gevonden. Het eerste tasje heeft borduurwerk (Ja, ik heb een zwak hiervoor). Het andere tasje is van donkerbruin leer. Het is op bepaalde plekken beschadigd, maar ik hoop dat een schoenmaker de tas kan oplappen. 

These vintage glasses were a great deal! I've been looking for a pair of vintage glasses for some time now, but they were too pricey. This time I was lucky. 

Deze bril was een goede vondst! Al een tijdje was ik op zoek naar een dergelijke bril, maar ik vond ze te duur. Nu had ik meer geluk.

And I found a huge lot of knitting needles in a wide range of sizes! 

En dan vond ik ook nog een hele set breinaalden in verschillende maten. 

What are your latest fleamarket finds?
Wat zijn jouw vlooienmarkt vondsten?


  1. Wow!! What a score! I have gone to many fleamarkets, but never find stuff like this.. The glasses are ace, and knitting needles? You can never have too many ;) The needle point set is so cute, perfect accessories for your vintage outfits! Very lucky finds indeed :)

    1. We have very good fleamarkets near my town and with better prices compared to other parts of our country, Living in the countryside is not always bad :)

  2. Wow, what a loot! =) Adore the matching set, it's something special with pieces that are meant to go together...

    It's been a long time since I went fleamarket-shopping, but the vintage sewing machine I got this summer was a great find! My latest experience was actually as a seller a month ago. It was a rather big event (a couple of thousends visitors - not sure on any exact number) so it was nerve-racking to stand there as a brand new first-time seller. But it went really well, I got rid of so much clutter and it was fun to see my things find new homes! My sister helped through the day, and my boyfriend acted chauffeur and head of logistics =) Couldn't have done it without them, and we were all totally beat at the end of the day! Totally worth it, but not something I'd do every weekend- or even every year! =)

    1. I've been a seller a few times myself, but it's really exhausting. It's not something I like to do a lot but the big advantage is that you can shop already before the market is open. My mother in law sells a lot at fleamarkets. Se has periods so sells every week. And she has a job as well! I really wonder where she get the energy for all of this!

  3. OMG!! Awesome finds! I LOVE needle point (we call it petit point or canvas work). I happen to have a small purse ( I use it as make up purse in my handbag) with exactly identical decoration, plus others. My favourite handbag is also needle point, and last winter I managed to get 20's needle point evening bag.
    My needle point collection here: http://www.evildressmaker.com/?p=4509
    20's handbag here: http://www.evildressmaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/burlescopolis3.jpg


    1. In Dutch we also call it petit point. I thought the English word was needle point, but I'm not sure. You have a great collection! And your 20s handbag is just gorgeous!

  4. Love the needlepoint bag, so pretty. You did well to find all these. The last things I found were some silk scarves and a couple of knitting patterns.

    1. My next post will be about the knitting patterns I found at the fleamarket :)

  5. We don't have a lot of flea markets around here (well, okay, technically there's one every weekend in the summer held in a small community that's about 15-20 minutes away from us, but it's usually the same sellers, with the same items, week after week, so I usually just go about once a month), but the last two flea market finds that I found were (at the one I just mentioned) a beautiful little round vintage compact with a flower on the lid (I'm not 100% sure of how old it is, it looks like it's probably 30s or 40s) for just $3.50, and a little earlier in the year, a pair of vintage 1940s gloves at a flea market 1.5 hours away from us (they were the only item of vintage clothing in the whole place that day!) for, oh gosh, I think $3 or $4. They're very cute and in great shape, so even though they were the only thing I bought there that day, they felt like a great score.

    Speaking of great scores, you really found some extremely lovely treasures at this one. Those round tortoise shell glasses are amazing!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Wow, you have to drive far to be able to visit a fleamarket! During summer every town here has it's own fleamarket. Mostly shorter then a 30 minutes drive.

    Your finds sound lovely! I want to bring my glasses to an optician. Hopefully they can replace the glasses so I can really wear it!


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