Marvin the Monkey

Hi there, I want to introduce you to Marvin the monkey:

As a christmas gift I wanted to crochet a little present for my 6 month old niece. Her parents are fond off monkeys. So a monkey hat would be a perfect gift :) I added a bow for some extra cuteness.

At first the hat was a bit too small, so I added to rows and now it fits perfect!

Isn't she cute?


A tiny update

Hi all,

Last weekend I went to my own home and when I went back to my parents placevagain I brought my sewing machine :)

I took the coat with me and made some progress.

What is left to do?

- trace pattern of lining
- cut lining pattern and fabric
- sew lining together
- add lining to coat
- add shoulder pads
- add button holes
- add buttons
- remove all basting threads 
- and give it a final press.

I'm so glad the outer coat is almost finished :) It's nice to see actually a coat!

At the moment I'm not very active with reading and commenting to other blogs, I hope you don't mind! I still need a lot of rest. I hope to be more active in a while.