A 40s Trio Part II

I already blogged about the first part of the 40s trio I'm working on at the moment. This trio will be a completed outfit consisting of a me made blouse, skirt and purse. 

The wobbly thing you see, is one part of the purse.

(I really like the clover crochet hooks. This is the first time using them and they are much more comfortable then regular ones)
When it's finished it should look like this!

Free pattern here
I hope I get something like the picture above, because at the moment it looks like a strange animal to me! Luckily Ingrid who blogs over at Couturette was of great help!

I will keep me fingers crossed and I hope I can show you an amazing purse when it's finished!

By the way, I really like the name of this pattern: Fan Fan


Oh Lutterloh where did you go?

As you might have noticed, I'm pretty active on my blog. The reason is that the intensive treatment I should get in january is delayed. At the moment I'm still waiting until I can start. (I didn't know that waiting can be so hard!) To pass the time, I was thinking about some goals, other then related to my (mental) health, which helps me to get through the day. And I thought about sewing and blogging in general. And more specific about the Lutterloh project I started last year.

Firstly, it's time to evaluate this project. In that year I was able to finish only 3 patterns from that book. The drafting process is quite time consuming. On the other hand I really like drafting patterns, but I don't think I will be able to finish every pattern from that book. Another thing is, I have more Lutterloh books and by focusing on only one book I will never have time to use the patterns of the other books. So, some things have to change. 

Lutterloh 1941

At the moment it's really hard to focus on just one sewing projects. In the mornings I'm feeling best, the afternoon is worse. I'm getting tired and easily distracted, so I shouldn't do any difficult things during the midday. Things I like to do at that time is hand sewing or (surprisingly) pattern drafting. Especially pattern drafting is really helpful for me to distract my mind from other things. 

Lutterloh late 40s

This means I would be more productive if I work on 2 or 3 projects at the same time. For example: I use the mornings for sewing and the first part of the afternoon for pattern drafting and the second part for hand sewing or knitting. 

Lutterloh early 50s

The second thing is that I want to include the other books as well. There still will be a Lutterloh project, but I pick patterns from different years/books ranging from the late 30s to the early 50s.

Lutterloh 1954

I already started drafting Lutterloh skirt 53 (1941), and today I cut out the fabric for a muslin. I'm also thinking about spring and summer sewing projects. Hence the pink and yellow strips in the books. 

So stay tuned for more Lutterloh!


Finished Hooded Scarf

It has been months without finishing anything, and now I can present you another finished project already!
As you might have read earlier, I was craving for smaller knitting/crochet projects. And the hooded scarf was one of them. 

Hooded scarf and skirt made by Anthea

But I gave it a twist. I added Intarsia colorwork and crocheted a scalloped edge. So it's a total different scarf this way. Of course, I used my favourite colors. I planned the colorwork with my soft pink future coat in mind. I think they will be a great match!

I'm happy with the results. Only thing is, that winter is kind of over here, so probably it won't get out much. But it's ready for the next winter and hopefully my coat will be ready too!

Oh, I have also pictures without the jacket. I'm wearing my Dasha sweater. The skirt is also made by me. It's my first Lutterloh pattern I ever used. So there are plenty of prints going on there, but I kind of like it. 

Have a nice weekend!



Today my blog exists 2 years. I can't believe I'm having this blog 2 years already. Time really flies. Because I didn't do a 2013 roundup, I was thinking about dedicating this blogpost to my favourite projects since I'm blogging. 

In chronologically order:

Skirt and embroidered cardigan made by Anthea

Beret and scarf made by Anthea

Bow Blouse and circle skirt made by Anthea

40s inspired blouse and skirt made by Anthea

Dasha sweater made by Anthea

Self drafted skirt and Simplicity 3638 made by Anthea

Suspender skirt, Simplicity 3638 and beret made by Anthea

Lutterloh 31 blouse and jumper dress made by Anthea

Brigitte dress made by Anthea

Simplicity 2043 made by Anthea

Embroidered cardigan made by Anthea

Mrs Depew 1028 beret, Lutterloh 31 and slef drafted suspender skirt made by Anthea

Playsuit Advance 3483 made by Anthea

Lutterloh 121 made by Anthea

Bestway 1491 made by Anthea

When I created this blog, I just started sewing again after a  4 years break. During that break I started wearing vintage clothing (mostly 60s / 70s), but I got more curious about older fashions and started collecting vintage sewing/knitting patterns.

So when I started sewing again, I wasn't sure how to incorporate those older fashions into my wardrobe. It's been quite a journey since then. And I think I now kind of found my way into this.
I like recreating authentic looks, but I also like to approach vintage with a modern twist. 

Especially the 50s and 60s are era's which I like to 'modernize'. I don't know what it is, but sometimes those authentic looks are too 'sweet' for me. 

When it comes to the 40s I like to be more authentic. I discovered pin curls, red lipstick, bright colored bracelets and seamed stockings to complete my outfits :)

As you can notice none of my 30s dresses are included in this list. I do like them, but they are not very suitable for everyday wear in my opinion. But I did include the Lutterloh 121 dress, it's also a dress I won't wear on a daily basis. But I drafted the pattern myself and it was a great challenge. So I think this is the project I'm most proud of at the moment.

The same goes for the knitted Fair Isle cardigan. It was complicated and took loads of time, but I'm proud of the result. 

During those 2 years of blogging I discovered I really like pink. Which might sound like a contradiction with what I wrote about authentic 50s early 60s looks. Maybe I'm not using the right word. But pink can be soft and romantic or bright and expressive. It's a color that makes me happy I guess. 

I really made some progress sewing and knitting wise. If I look at thos pictures chronologically I see that I lately have tackled some more difficult projects. It's easy to think about the mistakes you make, but there is also progress!

So, I wrote down some thoughts about the last 2 years. I hope this year my personal situation will stabilize and that there will be lots of fun and challenging projects to come!


FINISHED!! Bestway 1491

I'm so happy! I finally finished something! Yes, I FINISHED my fair isle cardigan! I have to use capital letters because it has been such a long time since I completed something. I feel so positive now. It really helps being creative and see the results when you're not feeling very well.

I started knitting this cardigan in june last year. Can you believe that so much time has passed? I had some difficulties during the proces. First I discovered my cardigan went too small, even after the swatches I made I didn't get the right size. I only was knitting the back part of the cardigan, so I had to start over this one. Secondly I had troubles with the sleeve heads. They were way too big! I started reknitting the sleeve heads. I was waiting for the mail man to arrive with the extra yarn I needed for the hooded scarf.

I really got caught up, because yesterday I spend a great deal of the day finishing this cardigan. I made the sleeve heads smaller, like the original patterns but they still didn't fit smoothly in the armholes. So I decided to make some pleats instead of reknitting. I sewed all the pieces together and this morning I sewed the buttons to the strap.


I used 2 mm needles for the ribbing, which is terrible! And 2.5 mm for the fair isle patterns. If I could turn back time I would have changed the needle sizes and used 2.5 mm for the ribbing and 3 mm for the body. It's so time consuming this way, not funny anymore.

But at least I can add a nice cardigan to my wardrobe. I have plenty of skirts/trousers which I can wear with this cardigan. I can't believe this one wil disappear in a corner of my closet.



The hooded scarf

About a month ago I wrote about some smaller knitting/crocheting projects I would like to do after I finished my cardigan. Well, the cardigan isn't finished, but I did start another knitting project. When I was sewing up the cardigan I discovered I made a mistake. I think I miscalculated something because the sleeveheads turned out way too big. My patience was gone. I needed a break from the cardi, and decided to knit myself a hooded scarf.

Of course, I had to make some changes, like I most often do with my crafting projects. I had this great idea to add some colorwork to the scarf. In the picture you see that a part of te scarf is folded over. And I wanted to add roses to this folded knitwork. 

I had something romantic in mind with flowers. Because I love roses it was an easy decision. I designed a intarsia chart, something I haven't done before (both intarsia knitting and designing my own colorwork chart). And after some exercise I was ready to knit the real thing. 

The scarf itself is knitted in ribbing. I hate ribbing! But with thicker knitting needles (4 mm) it's doable. It's still not my favourite thing to do, but it's better then knitting with 2 mm needles like I did with my cardigan.

This is the strap with the roses, which I will on the scarf. For this piece I used the stockinette stitch. I knitted the main color of the roses but the second color is embroidered to the knitwork. I learned that with intarisa it's very difficult when you have to many changes of colors in a row. My mom adviced me to embroider the 2nd color instead of knitting it. 

As a finishing touch I want to crochet a nice scalloped edge around the strap and scarf. But at the moment I can't do much because I don't have any yarn left. Luckily, the mailman will bring me new yarn this afternoon so I can finish this one.
In the meantime I'm correcting the sleeves of my cardi.

What is your current knitting project? Do you like to change the original pattern?

P.S. At the moment I'm only writing in English. For now, it's too time consuming to write in Dutch too. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 


A 40s trio Part I

Things are a bit stabilizing over here, so I feel at some days well enough to do some sewing. I've been working on the coat for my mother in law, which is almost finished! But I can't find the shoulder pads I bought weeks ago. So this one is in a hold for some days. 

In the mean time I thought about some unfinished projects and came across three lovely projects which complements each other so well, that it really inspired me to start working on them again.

Today I want to (re-)introduce you to Vogue 6136. It's a blouse I started working on last summer. I made a muslin, but I had problems with finding suitable lace and therefore disappeared in the unfinished stash for some time.

The muslin turned out well, so no alterations were needed. Thus I could start right away this morning. I cut out all the pattern pieces and started making pin tucks on one sleeve. And I also added lace to the same sleeve. 

I just adore the result! I can't wait til this blouse is finished!