Today my blog exists 2 years. I can't believe I'm having this blog 2 years already. Time really flies. Because I didn't do a 2013 roundup, I was thinking about dedicating this blogpost to my favourite projects since I'm blogging. 

In chronologically order:

Skirt and embroidered cardigan made by Anthea

Beret and scarf made by Anthea

Bow Blouse and circle skirt made by Anthea

40s inspired blouse and skirt made by Anthea

Dasha sweater made by Anthea

Self drafted skirt and Simplicity 3638 made by Anthea

Suspender skirt, Simplicity 3638 and beret made by Anthea

Lutterloh 31 blouse and jumper dress made by Anthea

Brigitte dress made by Anthea

Simplicity 2043 made by Anthea

Embroidered cardigan made by Anthea

Mrs Depew 1028 beret, Lutterloh 31 and slef drafted suspender skirt made by Anthea

Playsuit Advance 3483 made by Anthea

Lutterloh 121 made by Anthea

Bestway 1491 made by Anthea

When I created this blog, I just started sewing again after a  4 years break. During that break I started wearing vintage clothing (mostly 60s / 70s), but I got more curious about older fashions and started collecting vintage sewing/knitting patterns.

So when I started sewing again, I wasn't sure how to incorporate those older fashions into my wardrobe. It's been quite a journey since then. And I think I now kind of found my way into this.
I like recreating authentic looks, but I also like to approach vintage with a modern twist. 

Especially the 50s and 60s are era's which I like to 'modernize'. I don't know what it is, but sometimes those authentic looks are too 'sweet' for me. 

When it comes to the 40s I like to be more authentic. I discovered pin curls, red lipstick, bright colored bracelets and seamed stockings to complete my outfits :)

As you can notice none of my 30s dresses are included in this list. I do like them, but they are not very suitable for everyday wear in my opinion. But I did include the Lutterloh 121 dress, it's also a dress I won't wear on a daily basis. But I drafted the pattern myself and it was a great challenge. So I think this is the project I'm most proud of at the moment.

The same goes for the knitted Fair Isle cardigan. It was complicated and took loads of time, but I'm proud of the result. 

During those 2 years of blogging I discovered I really like pink. Which might sound like a contradiction with what I wrote about authentic 50s early 60s looks. Maybe I'm not using the right word. But pink can be soft and romantic or bright and expressive. It's a color that makes me happy I guess. 

I really made some progress sewing and knitting wise. If I look at thos pictures chronologically I see that I lately have tackled some more difficult projects. It's easy to think about the mistakes you make, but there is also progress!

So, I wrote down some thoughts about the last 2 years. I hope this year my personal situation will stabilize and that there will be lots of fun and challenging projects to come!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! :) What a great selection of lovely clothing, you've built a really great range (and your Bestway cardigan is especially fabulous)!

  2. What a wonderful recap, you if I must say, puffy sleeves very much suit you. Simplicity 3638 blouse is just grand! I also am very much impressed with your latest knitting effort. You are becoming such a pro. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! How fun to see all your recaps. Such wonderful creations!

    1. Thanks! I do love puffed sleeves :) Simplicity 3638 is the perfect basic blouse pattern! Used it twice, but I think you will see more of this pattern in the future!

  3. Congratulations on your Blogiversary ;)
    So many lovely makes, my favorites are to two last outfits. The Lutterloh dress is too gorgeous for words!

    1. It will be hard to beat those two projects I think ;) But it's good to know that I'm able to make something like that.

  4. These are all so beautiful. I love your style and wardrobe. I do think the Lutterloh 121 is the nicest vintage dress I have seen

  5. Happy blog birthday. You have made some amazing garments, it was great to look through all of these. I always look forward to seeing what you make next.

  6. Beautiful work! Happy 2 year blogiversary! I have to say my two favorites were the Simplicity 2043 and the Lutterloh 121!! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. :) Here is wishing you a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you! The Lutterloh dress is my favourite sewing project so far!

  7. Yay, gefeliciteerd! De laatste twee zijn absoluut mijn favoriet!

    1. Dankjewel! Ik ga het lastig krijgen om die twee te evenaren ;)

  8. That's awesome, sweet Anthea! Huge and very happy congratulations on hitting your second blogging birthday! I wish you countless more years of joyful blogging, sewing and knitting to come!

    ♥ Jessica


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