Sew for Victory Update!

So far I made quite some progress with my Sew for Victory project!

I only need to add the sleeves, add button holes and buttons and hem the skirt! Yay for fast and easy sewing!

So far I'm really happy with how the project is turning out! 

And because I will finish this dress soon I'm starting to think a second project! It's a UFO, a plaided skirt which is laying in a box for over 2 years now. 

On a different note: I'm so glad with the crafting community. Yesterday I blogged about my knitwork and I received very helpful comments. Siri and WendyBee thank you so much! I tried 'pressing' it and it really worked out!


WIP: Wartime farm sleeveless pullover

I'm currently knitting something for my boyfriend. It's Susan Crawfords wartime farm sleeveless pullover. 


The pattern is suitable for male, female and even children and is knitted in the round.  For me this is the 2nd time ever that I'm knitting in the round. And I have bit difficulties with the tension. 

Deciding  what colors to use

Knitting in the round is completely different then knitting on straight needle. So far I prefer knitting on straight needles, but I think I need more experience to really appreciate knitting in the round.

I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully some serious blocking will help remove the puckers!


Finished: The American Weekly 3892

For a long time I wanted to sew a peplum blouse. I think this style is really flattering, accentuating the waist and the gathered peplum gives you a curvier look. It's really feminime. 

The pattern, like I wrote in another blogpost, really inspired me with the fabric choice. As you can see, the illustration shows a striped fabric. And I had a striped fabric for years in my stash. I think it's a match made in heaven. Ok, maybe I'm exaggurating a little, but still.

It was really hard to cut everything out of the fabric. Not only because of the stripes, but I hadn't enough fabric for this pattern. But with som trial and error and a little bit of cheating I made it work. 

I had to make the hem width of the skirt a couple of inches smaller otherwise I wouldn't make it. The skirt doesn't have a waistband, but a facing. originally the centre front and back parts of the skirt needed to be cut along the fold. I couldn't do this, and had to add a seam. 
The belt is also made by me. Luckily, I had fabric in my stash in a similar color.

I also discovered that something went wrong with the calculations I made to see if I needed to change the patterns. I measured the waist and thought I had to add a little to make it fit me. But after sewing the skirt together (luckily no zip inserted yet), the skirt was too big. So I started calculating again, and again, but I couldn't find a mistake in my calculations. Strange huh? Well, I'm happy it wasn't the other way around, my skirt being too small. 

As I mentioned earlier this set is not really like what I usually make. I stepped out of my comfort zone fabric wise. I'm more like a floral kind of gal, romantic, no 'harsh' stripes. But somehow I was attracted to it and it even inspired me for one of my upcoming sewing projects which contains also a striped fabric. Something is changing over here ;)

Do you get out of your comfortzone when it comes to choosing a pattern/fabric?

P.S. When I look back at the pictures I'm getting a bit insecure. Is this style suitable for me?' I ask myself. Maybe I have to adjust a little or maybe it's just nothing for me. I hate those doubts.


Sew for Victory 2.0: Which pattern??

Have you heard about the Sew for Victory sewalong Rochelle is hosting again? I participated last year and had lots of fun, so this year I have to join again!

The sewalong has started yesterday, so I have to decide what to make quickly! I have a few options and I want to ask you to help me.

Here we go:

1. Lutterloh 29
+ Drafting a Lutterloh pattern
+ One of my favourites from the 1941 book
+ Perfect spring dress
 - Time consuming, don't know if I'll will finish in time

Option 2:
+ I love dresses with a button down front. Easy to wear
+ I will probably finish it in time

Option 3: 
+ I want to sew another playsuit for upcoming summer
+ Skirt can be worn with other tops as well
- Don't know if I'll finish in time

Option 4: UFO's
Plaid skirt, trousers, Lutterloh skirt
+ Reduce UFO's
+ Easier to finish
+ Maybe I can finish 2 garments
- Its more fun to start with something new for a sewalong

What would you choose if you were me?


Het Nieuwe Modeblad March 1937

I have this collection of the Dutch magazine, called 'Het nieuwe modeblad' (The new fashion magazine). This magazine occurred twice a month and tells us about the newest fashions and has a pattern sheet with multiple sewing patterns! I wanted to share with you one of the march editions from 1937. 

The magazine starts with describing the latest fashion trends from Paris. For spring and summer it's all about floral prints, shorter skirt lengths and daring color combinations like red and green, lavender blue with pink and yellow with lilac. Yes those are some extraordinary color combo's! ;) 

The magazine has a weak spot for embroidery. The magazines I have looked through have almost all a page dedicated to embroidery. Apparently embroidery was a very popular way to update a garment.

But, there are more ways to update an older garment with adding a jabot or replacing the sleeve with a more modern one.

I really like the sleeve of the bottom left! 

I love the capelet the woman on the left is wearing. And I like the boots of the two women on the right!

 Those are some great coats! So sharp and feminime! 

I love the neckline of the dress on the right (below). It's an interesting detail!

What prints can you wear if you're plus size? According to the magazine you have to be careful with prints. You shouldn't wear small prints and preferably prints on a dark background. You're able wear vertical stripes.

A complet is a 2 or 3 piece outfit. A dress with an overcoat (love the closure with bows!) or a dress with an overskirt and a bolero jacket! Haven't seen the last one before. 

And lastly, a picture of the pattern sheet. This is a real labyrinth! 

Would you like to see an April edition next month?


WIP: The American Weekly 3892

Sometimes, you change your sewing schedule, because you're inspired with something else. This was the case with my current sewing project. I was drafting the pattern of a Lutterloh skirt and basting a pleated skirt, when all came suddenly to a hold. What happened? Well, I found the perfect match of a sewing pattern and fabric. I was so enthusiastic that I started with it straight away. 


The fabric is in my stash for almost 10 years. I love the fabric, but I couldn't find a suitable pattern. So it stayed in my fabric stash year after year. This changed when I received my vintage patterns which I bought during a sale. The pattern envelope with a girl wearing the design cought my eye. I saw stripes and 1 + 1 became 2 in an instant.

Normally I use fabric which have soft colors mostly decorated with flowers. But this fabric is quite bold with its big stripes and subtle shininess. I have to get out of my comfort zone if I want to wear this set. I must say this is a bit frightning. But as the set comes together I get more excited about it!


Finished: Coat with floral borders

Winter is definitely over, but recently I did finish the coat for my mother in law! Let's say it's just ready for next autumn/winter.

I used a very basic coat pattern, but with adding the borders, the coat is much more interesting.

Oh, the ease of this pattern is ridiculous. If we followed the sizes of the pattern, I would have made a coat which would fitted my mother in law twice. A coat should at least have some shape. 

I made a muslin of another size and it fitted fine. No baggy coats here.  

This was the first time I sewed a coat, and man, it's time consuming. But it's also a great learning experience.

The pictures are taken with a smartphone, so that's why they're a bit blurry.

I hope you like it!


Finished: a 40s Trio Part I

Ok, this will be the last finished item for a while. I don't think I ever blogged so much about finished projects in such a short time. Well, sometimes everything comes together at the same time I guess.

Vogue 6136 Blouse and skirt made by Anthea

So I blogged a few times about this project. Last summer I wrote about the muslin I made. It ended up in the box with the unfinished projects, because I couldn't find suitable lace. And then, I kind of forgot about it. But after finishing the coat (a blogpost about this will follow later) for my mother in law, I took a look in the box with the unfinished projects and dug this one up. 

Vogue 6136 Blouse and skirt made by Anthea

I also saw an unfinished skirt which would be lovely with this blouse and with the crochet purse it's a perfects set. Hence the name of a 40s trio. I really like the idea of a complete me made outfit. But I want to discover other options with these projects as well, so I won't stick to one single outfit. And the skirt is far from finished, thus I had to pick something else.
Therefore I choose my dark blue skirt to go with the blouse. I hope you are not bored of this skirt yet, because it appears a lot on my blog. Lets jus say it is a succesful piece that belongs to my wardrobe staple.

Vogue 6136 Blouse and skirt made by Anthea
Don't mind the bruises, I was playing with our dog recently

For a very long time I wanted to sew a white/creme blouse because it's so easy to combine with other garments. It's a real basic. But I didn't feel like sewing a plain blouse. No it had to be something special. When I came across this pattern on Etsy last year I knew I had to buy it. I really love the lace details and the pin tucks.

Vogue 6136 Blouse made by Anthea

Sewing was a bit time consuming because of all the details, but I finished it really quick. Normally I'm much slower with sewing. I think I was in a good flow. Everyday I did one or two steps of the instructions. And I made a muslin so I knew what to do.

Detail of Vogue 6136 made by Anthea

I'm quite happy with the result and I want to sew the short sleeved version as well. Luckily, I don't have to search for lace again because I was smart enough to buy more lace when I found the right one. 

Vogue 6136 Blouse and skirt made by Anthea

Enjoy your weekend!