Het Nieuwe Modeblad March 1937

I have this collection of the Dutch magazine, called 'Het nieuwe modeblad' (The new fashion magazine). This magazine occurred twice a month and tells us about the newest fashions and has a pattern sheet with multiple sewing patterns! I wanted to share with you one of the march editions from 1937. 

The magazine starts with describing the latest fashion trends from Paris. For spring and summer it's all about floral prints, shorter skirt lengths and daring color combinations like red and green, lavender blue with pink and yellow with lilac. Yes those are some extraordinary color combo's! ;) 

The magazine has a weak spot for embroidery. The magazines I have looked through have almost all a page dedicated to embroidery. Apparently embroidery was a very popular way to update a garment.

But, there are more ways to update an older garment with adding a jabot or replacing the sleeve with a more modern one.

I really like the sleeve of the bottom left! 

I love the capelet the woman on the left is wearing. And I like the boots of the two women on the right!

 Those are some great coats! So sharp and feminime! 

I love the neckline of the dress on the right (below). It's an interesting detail!

What prints can you wear if you're plus size? According to the magazine you have to be careful with prints. You shouldn't wear small prints and preferably prints on a dark background. You're able wear vertical stripes.

A complet is a 2 or 3 piece outfit. A dress with an overcoat (love the closure with bows!) or a dress with an overskirt and a bolero jacket! Haven't seen the last one before. 

And lastly, a picture of the pattern sheet. This is a real labyrinth! 

Would you like to see an April edition next month?


  1. Oh wat gaaf! Ik kom dit soort dingen nou nooit tegen! Ik zag gister ook al een pin op pinterest van een nederlands magazine genaamd 'record', ik wilde er graag meer over weten maarja probeer dat maar eens te googlen! Ben je ook van plan iets te gaan maken van die tijdschriften?

  2. Ik kwam deze tijdschriften een keer tegen op marktplaats, dus dat was wel echt een geluk. Ik wil er wel iets uit gaan maken. Maar van die patroonbladen word ik niet blij. Dus nog even bedenken hoe ik dat ga aanpakken.

    Ik vind het zo leuk als ik Nederlandse naaipatronen vind. Simplicity enzo is ook leuk, natuurlijk maar als het van eigen bodem komt is het net wat specialer ofzo.

  3. These are marvelous! I love that this magazine was put out twice a month. What a prolific rate! I would have likely subscribed had back in the day on that merit alone. Thank you for sharing these great pages with us - the one highlighting a broad range of sleeve styles is my very favourite.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The page with the different sleeves is my favourite page too!

    2. Funny, I was going to comment on that same page (the one with the sleeve variations being my fave), but then I saw this and thought I'd tack on a reply! *LOL* I'd LOVE to see another issue in April!! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing images... :)

  4. Wow, dat patroonblad! Migraine waiting to happen ;) wel gaaf om te zien, ook die tips hoe je je kleding weer hip kan maken. kun je je voorstellen dat mensen nu nog een andere mouw zetten aan hun shirt of jurk?

    1. Ja, dat is echt niet leuk meer! Ongelofelijk he, hoe men tegenwoordig tegen kleding aan kijkt. Het heeft totaal geen waarde meer. Ik bedoel spijkerbroeken voor 10 euro, en shirtjes voor 5 euro het gaat nergens over.

  5. Huh, is that really a pattern sheet? That is scary! I just love the page with all the different sleeve types. I love the late 30s for style. There really knew the art of putting together shape and form. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

  6. Gorgeous illustrations. That pattern sheet though! It gave me a headache just glancing at it!


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