Sew for Victory 2.0: Which pattern??

Have you heard about the Sew for Victory sewalong Rochelle is hosting again? I participated last year and had lots of fun, so this year I have to join again!

The sewalong has started yesterday, so I have to decide what to make quickly! I have a few options and I want to ask you to help me.

Here we go:

1. Lutterloh 29
+ Drafting a Lutterloh pattern
+ One of my favourites from the 1941 book
+ Perfect spring dress
 - Time consuming, don't know if I'll will finish in time

Option 2:
+ I love dresses with a button down front. Easy to wear
+ I will probably finish it in time

Option 3: 
+ I want to sew another playsuit for upcoming summer
+ Skirt can be worn with other tops as well
- Don't know if I'll finish in time

Option 4: UFO's
Plaid skirt, trousers, Lutterloh skirt
+ Reduce UFO's
+ Easier to finish
+ Maybe I can finish 2 garments
- Its more fun to start with something new for a sewalong

What would you choose if you were me?


  1. Ik stem absoluut voor de eerste!

  2. I just saw this today and was thinking about red and white stripes too. I have the fabric and pattern from the 40s but I can keep it simple and just make a blouse. A lot to think about:) I'm very much considering joining. I love all your choices. I look forward to seeing which you choose…anticipation:)

  3. I can't decide between option two and three! If pressed, I think the play suit is the one to do! I can't wait to see what you end up doing.

  4. That's a hard choice! The floral fabric of #2 is sublime, but the design elements created with stripes are pretty wonderful too....

  5. I love the Lutterloh dress, but if you don't think you'll finish in time I would go with the second one, the button-down dress.

  6. Tricky decision as they are all lovely. Maybe the button through dress just clinches it!

  7. The playsuit is gorgeous, perfect for welcoming the sun! I love the fabric and style for option 2 as well :)

  8. Thanks for your advice! I'm doubting between the first and second option.

  9. I vote for the first option! Can't wait to see what you make ;)

  10. I love the first one. That fabric just says "summer" to me. I like the play suit a lot too.

  11. Goodness, they're all darling, but I must say, my "blink" reaction is to go with number 2. That fabric would suit a classic shirtwaist dress so tremendously well.

    Whatever you pick, I know it's going to be awesome!

    ♥ Jessica


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