WIP: a 40s trio part II and III

Hi there,

Just a small update from me. You remember the 40s blouse with lace insertion I made a while ago? I called it the first part of a 40s trio I want to create. This week I'm working on the other 2 parts of this trio. 

Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon I spent a lot of time inserting the zipper in the plaided skirt. Normally I don't have much trouble with sewing a zipper into a garment. But this one is a bit difficult, because it's put into the pleat. During the sewing lessons I had 2 years ago I learned a method to do this. I have instructions and pictures of the process, but I didn't get the result. I couldn't remember how it was done. So I had to invent something myself. And I'm quite happy with the result. The zipper is invisible, well hidden in a pleat, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

The crocheted purse is almost finished. I still have my doubts if it will work out in the end. I have sewn the two parts together. I need to sew lining with heavy interfacing, so the purse will keep its shape. Tomorrow I hope to find the right interfacing in a haberdashery store. 

What is on your sewing table?


Finished: Hollywood 1335

Yay! I finished my Sew For Victory dress! My aim was to make a perfect spring/summer dress. I think the fabric just breathes those seasons with the bright colors and floral print. 

What I love about this pattern are the ruffles and the pleated skirt. Actually the pleats hold little pockets, which is so smartly designed!

Sewing this dress went pretty ok. I had a few difficulties during the proces. Like the ease of the sleeve cap. I had to much easeh. I tried different methods to get the sleeves in smoothly, but with no good results. So I gathered the sleeve cap to create a little puffed sleeve. 

I also had some problems with the buttonholes. Well one buttonhole, to be more precise. I had to redo this particular button hole 4 times before I got the result I wanted. How frustrating.

And I couldn't use my serger because it has some difficulties as well. Instead I choose to use seam binding. This seam binding was a gift from the lovely Joanna! Look how beautiful the inside looks! This is really the best way of finishing edges! I really want to use seam binding more often in future projects. We don't have this in the Netherlands as far is I know, so I really need to find a good online shops with reasonable (shipping) prices. Any suggestions are very welcome :)

The best thing about this dress is my boyfriends opinion. Normally he doesn't really like my floral dresses. But this one he does like. He said he thinks the dress and colors really suits me. How cute!



Hi there,

We had such lovely weather last week, it almost felt like summer. And because of this sunny weather, my mind started wandering of to summer sewing projects. And what breathes more summer than a playsuit?!?

Last year I made my first playsuit and it was a big succes. I've been wearing it a lot last year. It's perfect for hot days. So, when I'm on ebay or etsy i'm always on the hunt for affordable playsuit patterns, because they can be really pricey!

I've been lucky, I scored some amazing patterns. To keep my mind in this summer mood, i thought it's fun to show my playsuit patterns.

Made in cotton, it,s just perfect for summer. I also like it that you can wear the top with shorts, but when you want to cover up yourself you can wear the skirt.

Playsuits are so versatile.   The can be youthful, romantic or sportive.

What do you think of playsuits? Have you ever made a set?