Oh no, it's my health again!

Health wise, it's been another horrible year so far. If you read my blog for a while now you know I've been struggling quite a lot with my health. 

After the move I kind of collapsed. I didn't have any energy left at all. It was hard enough dealing with the more basic things like cooking, cleaning and so on. I had/ve no energy for blogging or crafting. I know, it's not the first time I write about this topic. 

I tried sewing the 40s slacks, but it just wouldn't work. I couldn't focus, I was too tired. The same goes with  knitting. No focus, no motivation.

Today they finally found (part of) the cause of my tiredness. It seems that I have a very low value of vitamin B12 (pernicious anemia). I feel so relieved, because for years doctors told me my tiredness is related to stress/anxiety. And I believe this has it's influence on my energy level. But I had the feeling there was more going on, because it doesn't matter how much I rest I still feel tired. 

The treatment exists of regular (at first weekly) injections to augment this shortage. I'm scared of needles, but I will cope with it! Today I got my first injection, so hopefully I will start feeling better soon!

And hopefully I will find the joy of crafting and blogging again!