Sewing update!!

Lately I've been sewing again. It's been a long while. After the move I tried to sew, but I couldn't bring it up anymore. I took a break, a long break. But about a month ago, I felt that crafting itch again ;) So I started working on my 40s slacks, which was on my to do list for such a long time. I already traced the pattern, but needed to grade it to my own size. 

The slacks are almost finished. I only need to add the waistband, hem the trouser legs and add a button and buttonhole.

I am sorry for the bad light; the photo is made with a crappy camera

And while working on these trousers a got an idea for a matching blouse. Immediately I knew which fabric and which pattern I should use. Isn't it great when things come together like this :)

I want to make view B/C
I also wanted to push my limits a little with making bound buttonholes instead of making buttonholes with the machine. I had some practice when I made them during a sewing course a couple of years ago. But to be sure I still knew how it works I used some leftover scraps of fabric and practiced some more. The buttonhole isn't perfect yet, but I feel confident enough for the real thing.

Have you ever made bound buttonholes? And what is your favourite method?