New project: Simplicity 1329

Hi all!

It's time to introduce my new sewing project! I did finish the 40s slacks and 40s blouse from my previous post, but unfortunately I don't have a proper camera to take pics. Hopefully I will have a camera in a few weeks, so there will be some outfit pictures soon here!

If you're reading my blog for some time, you probably remember I made a playsuit about 2 years ago. Well I really do like wearing playsuits during summer. So it's time for a new one!

Simplicity 1329 is the pattern I want to use. I like both styles, but I'm going for style 2. Most of my blouses en dresses have puffed sleeves, and this time I want something different. But it was a hard decision because I really adore view 1 as well. 
This time I picked a red/white checkered fabric with a floral print. I think it's perfect for summer. 

My organised chaos
Cutting the fabric took lots of time. Because I want the checkers to match therefore I cut every piece one by one. Normally I fold the fabric so you can cut two pieces at the same time. I counted nearly 40(!) pattern pieces! So it really took me some hours to cut everything.

You can imagine I'm  very glad the cutting is done. At the moment I'm working on the shorts. I think they're going to be very cute.

It's soo good to be sewing again! I'll keep you updated!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Oh! Anthea, I love what you're doing! And wow! 40 pieces, that would nearly put me off my pattern. I can't wait to see it done, I bet you're play suits are so comfy and fun to wear! Do you make several each summer?

    1. This will be my second play suit. But I definitely want more! So next summer I will probably sew another set.

  2. So good to hear from your, hope you are fine!
    Lately it seems I see playsuits everywhere and I am so tempted to make one as well, your projects doesn't help to calm down this urge ;-)
    Cutting the fabric is my least liked part when sewing, so a project with 40 pieces would be most likely never even get started. I think I would have to finish one after the other so it won't be too much cutting at a time.
    Your 40ies set looks lovely, your slacks are really beautiful, great fabric choice for the ensemble.

  3. I really love that pattern - It'll look fantastic when it's made up :)

  4. I am looking forward to see the finished garments, the pattern looks very promising :-)

  5. What a nice job you do with your sewing. You have such a lovely, trim figure, things look so good on you. Keep up the good work. I am sorry you have been through a bad time. I hope things are going better.

  6. Thanks ladies! Your comments are much appreciated :)

  7. Such an amazing pattern! I wish I had your nice figure, I love playsuits, but I feel I'm slightly too big and too old now, so I avoid showing much skin. ;-)

    Good to see you're back at your sewing table!


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