Vintage Pledge 2016 and Instagram

Good morning! 

Yesterday I decided I want to participate in this years Vintage Pledge hosted by Marie and Kerry. It has been a while since I joined a thing like this. I always like the group feeling that comes with sewalongs or other comparable initiatives. 

So here is my pledge:

During 2016, I, Anthea, pledge to sew a 30s/40s evening gown, a 20s flapper dress and 30s/40s lingerie.

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I always dream about making my own evening gown, but so far it was only an idea, because I don't know how often I would wear an evening gown. I don't like sewing things which end up almost never worn in a closet. But the challenge of making a fancy evening gown using all kinds of new techniques is appealling so much to me, that I don't mind wearing this particular me made gown only a few times. 

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A 20s flapper dress is also on my wishlist. I always thought it's not the right style for me, too rectangular for my taste. Somehow I have started appreciating this style more and more over the years. I only never thought about sewing a flapper dress, but this has changed. I hope to draft and sew my own ultimate 20s flapper dress!

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Sewing lingerie is another thing I never gave much thought. I love making garments people actually see and don't really mind what is underneath it. Ok, that's a bit bold stated. I mean, I like decent and clean underwear, it's just simple not too fancy. I'm really growing into the idea of wearing a totally me made vintage inspired outfit and that includes lingerie.

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When it comes to social media I'm often a bit behind. Last december I finally got a good working smartphone and this gives new opportunities. I had heard of Instagram, but couldn't use it on my old smartphone. But now I can, so I signed up :)

If you use Instagram, please let me know how I can find you and I will follow you :) If you like to follow me you can click here.


  1. Your pledges sound wonderful - I especially love the sound of the Twenties flapper dress. Looking forward to seeing your sewing pledges :-)

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog too

  2. New follower on Instagram!!

  3. This is an awesome pledge! If I was a sewer, I'd be on it like a dog on a bone! :) Alas, (for all intents) I'm not, but perhaps I could pledge to buy that many vintage items this year. That doesn't seem like a difficult challenge in the slightest! :D

    Best of luck to you with it, my dear! I'm really excited to see what you make and share with us in 2016.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Sounds good! I can see the appeal of sewing underwear to make everything that you are wearing handmade. That would be pretty cool!


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