New Knitting Project: 30s Fair Isle Pullover

My boyfriend loves to wear knitted sweaters during the colder months of the year and I love knitting, so it will be no surprise that I will knit a fancy sweater for my love someday. And that moment has come. A few weeks ago, after finishing my Birgitta cardigan I immediately started with a new knitting project. I made a start with the 30s Fair Isle Pullover, a pattern which you can find for free at Lucy's blog 1940's style for you.


E. also has a great interest in bygone eras. And when I showed him some examples of knitwear which were popular during the first half of the 20th century he was really enthusiastic about the idea of knitting something similar for him. I showed him some options but he liked the pattern I mentioned above best. 

Original Color Scheme
The original colors of the pattern aren't very appealing, thus I started with making different color charts to decide which colors I want to use. I also made some minor changes by adding a bit more of the off white in the Fair Isle patterns.
Of course my boyfriend had a final say in this. Luckily, we both picked the same color chart as our favourite :) E. wears jackets on a daily basis and the color scheme we choose is very suitable to wear with some of his jackets.

Altered Color Scheme
After picking the color chart I made a swatch to decide if I have to alter the pattern or change needle size. I'm a very tight knitter and therefore I have to use bigger needle sizes to get the right gauge. I ended up with using 3 mm knitting needles for the ribbing and 3,5 mm knitting needles for the colourwork pattern. 

I started with the back and finished the ribbing and the first two sections of the color chart. Originally the pattern has no ribbing involved for the edges of the sleeves and bodice. It tells you to use two colors and knit, alternating both colors to create a 'ribbinglike' look, using the stockinette stitch (see color chart). I don't believe this will work, because knitwork that has been knitted in stockinette has the tendency to curl up at the ends. At least, that is my experience. 

So far I really enjoy kntting this pullover. It will be the second thing I will knit for E. The first one was a christmas present which didn't make it to the blog yet. But I will write about it soon :) 


Finished: Rowan's Birgitta Cardigan

Hi all!

Last week I finally finsihed my first cardigan after a huge knitting slump which lasted more then a year. In march 2015 I started knitting this cardigan and it was such a big project, but I'm so glad it's finished :)

I already bought yarn for this project in 2011, but I wasn't a very experienced knitter at that time and I wanted to wait until I had some more experience. And I'm glad I waited, because I think this was the most difficult knitting project I ever did. And then you might wonder why I would start such a project after not knitting for over a year? Well, I don't really know, but I guess I like a good challenge and something pretty.


The roses were a nightmare to knit. At times I had more then 20 little knitting balls to work with. The pattern of the upper part was also a bit difficult becuase the colors don't differ that much from each other, so you actually can't see very clearly where you are on the pattern chart which will be the case when you use more contrasting colors. 

The fit was quite difficult. The cardigan is very short and I needed to added like 3 inches / 7,5 cm to get the length I desired. The same goes with the sleeves. They would be very very short if didn't elongate them.

When I sewed the whole thing together I wasn't happy with the fit. It was very boxy and I don't like that. To improve the fit I took in the waist with 3 cm at each side and tapered it to the actual side seam somewhere below the bust area. 

The placement of the buttons gave me a real headache! They just didn't seem evenly distributed, while I did knit a buttonhole on a regular interval. In the end I had to change the positions of some buttons three times before I was satisfied.

All in all, I'm very happy with this cardigan! Although it was a long and sometimes frustrating process! 


Inspiration: Record Patterns part 1

I love searching on Marktplaats (a Dutch kind of Ebay) for vintage sewing patterns. Especially when they are a bargain. Last week I was searching again and found two vintage pattern sewing magazines from the 30s and early 40s. Nowadays I have a small budget and I just bid 5 euros for both of them, not expecting anything out of it. But hey, if you never try you won't get anything. So you can imagine I was very surprised when the seller accepted my bid. 

Last Friday the magazines arrived and I'm so happy with them, there are many color illustrations, which is not always the case with (pattern) magazines from these eras. I thought it would be nice to share them with you. And I like to strart with the 40s edition, to be more precisely: march 1942.

I don't really like box coats, but I adore every other tailored coat and suit on these pages. 

The pink dress is my absolute favourite dress from this magazine. And lucky me, it's included on the pattern sheet :)

Talking about the pattern sheet: this is going to be a nightmare to trace!

The details of these dresses are amazing!

I love all the dresses of this page. Especially the black and white dress with bolero.

Some lovely skirts with great details! The jumper dress is something I would wear straight away. The ruffled blouses are very cute if you ask me.

A couple of wedding dresses, one of them is also on the pattern sheet :)

Those pleats are such a great feature on the pink dress! 

More beautiful dresses, it just never ends!

The dresses on this page or mourning dresses.

I love the coat on the left!

Some stylish garments to wear at home.

This is the back of the magazine withe even more dresses!

I hope you enjoyed it! Anytime soon I will share some illustrations of the 30s magazine.