Vintage Pledge: Lutterloh late 40s panties


Almost two weeks ago I finished my first Vintage Pledge project; late 40s Lutterloh panties :)
It's the first time I made (vintage) lingerie and I really liked it. Although the slippery and fraying fabric could be frustrating at times.

I have a love-hate relationship with Lutterloh. I love their patterns, but every time I use them I have to make so many alterations that it's easier to draft te pattern myself. In this case I din't completely draft the pattern myself, but used the Lutterloh pattern and started altering it until it fits. I don't mind tweaking a pattern a bit to get a better fit, but I had to made huge changes and it doesnt look like the original pattern at all anymore.

In the picture above you see how the panties would look like according to the Lutterloh pattern. The crotch is way too wide, I had to cut away so much fabric there to make it fit.

There was a lot of hand sewing involved, but I don't mind that, because sewing thing by hand give you a lot more control over the fabric and it results in a neater finish with less visible stitching, which I prefer.

The side seam can be closed with little snaps which are sewn on a continuous sides seam placket closure. This was a first for me, although it isn't perfect I'm happy with how it came out. The hems and waist are finished with bias cut strips.

So, now I finally made my first steps into lingerie making there will be more. I already drafted a bra pattern and a pattern for French knickers and another kind of panties (don't know if they have a particular name) and all are vintage (30s/40s inspired). They will be all made from the same fabric and lace trim because this way I can mix and match :)

Have you ever made your own lingerie?


What I've been up to lately


Wow, time is flying once again. Every week I promised myself to write a blogpost, but somehow I didn't get to it. Í'm also terribly behind with reading other blogs. I'm sorry for not commenting lately, I just didn't spend a lot of time behind my computer. 

So what have I been doing lately? I went on a holiday and I celebrated my birthday :) I did a lot of knitting, not so much of sewing. Instead I rediscovered the joy of pattern drafting.

I had some troubles with fitting the Lutterloh lingerie patterns and I realized it was easier to draft the patterns myself. But at that moment I didn't realise my block pattern is quite old and my body has changed a lot since I made that pattern. Thus, I had to make a new one, if I wanted to draft the lingerie patterns. After some contemplating, I thought it was a good investment to draft new block patterns because I already planned some other sewing projects which involves pattern drafting. 
So when I had finsihed drafting the block patterns (bodice and trousers), I drafted (1:4 scale) a bra, different kinds of panties, the halter of the Ultimate 50s Summer Dress and a 40s inspired evening gown. Yes, I definintely got the hang of it!

After all that pattern drafting I decided to start making one of the panties. I cut it out of the fabric and didn't get much further then that. But this weekend I have lots of free time and I definitely want to spend some time behind my sewing machine :)

Knittingwise I did a lot! I finished all the pieces of my boyfriends sweater. Yesterday I blocked the back and front. Since I have scarce space to block the knitted pieces I can't do them all at once. But that doesn't matter, because I have started another knitting project so my hands won't stay idle. 

I love colors, color charts, patterns, colorwork, ecc. but I thought it was time for something different. I went through my stash of vintage knitting patterns and found this jumper with cables in a Dutch magazine called Margriet Breit. This was a good choice, because I really enjoy knitting this pullover. It's such a welcome change and I'm progressing so fast. Only 3 weeks ago I started knitting this and the front and back are already finished and I'm halfway the first sleeve.

Although I love love love stranded/intarsia knitting, my wardrobe can use some cardigans or pullovers in solid colors. And with this current project I feel really motivated to do something about that :)

Hopefully I can show you something finished soon!

(Argh, blogger makes such a mess of the lay out)