What I've been up to lately


Wow, time is flying once again. Every week I promised myself to write a blogpost, but somehow I didn't get to it. Í'm also terribly behind with reading other blogs. I'm sorry for not commenting lately, I just didn't spend a lot of time behind my computer. 

So what have I been doing lately? I went on a holiday and I celebrated my birthday :) I did a lot of knitting, not so much of sewing. Instead I rediscovered the joy of pattern drafting.

I had some troubles with fitting the Lutterloh lingerie patterns and I realized it was easier to draft the patterns myself. But at that moment I didn't realise my block pattern is quite old and my body has changed a lot since I made that pattern. Thus, I had to make a new one, if I wanted to draft the lingerie patterns. After some contemplating, I thought it was a good investment to draft new block patterns because I already planned some other sewing projects which involves pattern drafting. 
So when I had finsihed drafting the block patterns (bodice and trousers), I drafted (1:4 scale) a bra, different kinds of panties, the halter of the Ultimate 50s Summer Dress and a 40s inspired evening gown. Yes, I definintely got the hang of it!

After all that pattern drafting I decided to start making one of the panties. I cut it out of the fabric and didn't get much further then that. But this weekend I have lots of free time and I definitely want to spend some time behind my sewing machine :)

Knittingwise I did a lot! I finished all the pieces of my boyfriends sweater. Yesterday I blocked the back and front. Since I have scarce space to block the knitted pieces I can't do them all at once. But that doesn't matter, because I have started another knitting project so my hands won't stay idle. 

I love colors, color charts, patterns, colorwork, ecc. but I thought it was time for something different. I went through my stash of vintage knitting patterns and found this jumper with cables in a Dutch magazine called Margriet Breit. This was a good choice, because I really enjoy knitting this pullover. It's such a welcome change and I'm progressing so fast. Only 3 weeks ago I started knitting this and the front and back are already finished and I'm halfway the first sleeve.

Although I love love love stranded/intarsia knitting, my wardrobe can use some cardigans or pullovers in solid colors. And with this current project I feel really motivated to do something about that :)

Hopefully I can show you something finished soon!

(Argh, blogger makes such a mess of the lay out)


  1. Happy belated birthday! That fair isle looks great, the recipient is very lucky ;) I also like the cabled jumper. Sometimes when making solid knits, they are a bit boring to make, but always a joy when finished, because they go with everything :D

  2. Happy belated birthday also from me! Your knitting projects look great, your so patient :-) Good luck with the bodice block pattern!

  3. Joyful belated birthday wishes, my fellow "summer baby". I hope that you had a splendid celebration and that the year ahead will be one of your most enjoyable ever.

    Big hugs & happy summertime creating,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow! You have been busy. Love the look of the new jumper pattern. I'm very impressed with all that pattern drafting - so skilful!

  5. Happy very belated birthday wishes! I too am very behind on catching up with everyone's blogs but I making amends this week. Wowee, you've actually been doing a lot. I can't wait to see the finished lingerie and the two jumpers. xx

  6. So proud of you making these beautiful things! <3


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