Autumn Sewing plans


After finishing my 50s Halter dress, I thought it was the good time to start focusing on garments for autumn. But while I'm writing this we're having pretty good weather again. Well anyways, here are my plans for autumn:

McCall 4942

I already made a start with this dress (3/4 sleeves). I love how this fabric drapes and can't wait to get it finished and start wearing it!

Lutterloh 1941 Skirt

This is one of the UFO's I have at the moment. The pattern is already drafted, I made a muslin and after adjusting the pattern I already cut out the fabric about 3 years ago :O The welt pockets made me putting this project aside. But now I feel confident enough to tackle this project. But I have to change the pattern, because I lost some weigth. So new pattern, new muslin. 

Years ago I bought this lovely burgundy wool fabric. I thinkt it really is a pity that this dress is not part of my wardrobe already!

Lutterloh late 1940s Bra

Now I've made my first vintage panties, it's time to make a matching bra. The original plan was to make this right after the panties. I made a pattern and two muslins, but it was bit difficult to get a good fit. So I needed to take a break from this project.

Simplicity 3408

And another dress (long sleeved version) which I like to make. I have this very lovely, very expensive rayon fabric I once bought when I was on a holiday years ago. Because it was so expensive I never dared using it. Well, that has to change :) it's a pity if it stayed in my stash for another 5 years.

I know myself and I'm  often not really sticking to my sewing plans. But it's always fun to plan your wardrobe!

What are your plans? 


  1. Lots of great future garments here :) I dunno, I have learned that making plans usually result in not getting anything done! So I am just happy if I sew anything at all. I have so many hobbies now, that sewing sometimes takes the back seat. I do however have plans for a swing(ish) coat. Bought the fabric last summer, to be ready for fall. Maybe this year, heh!

  2. Ooohh, what splendidly lovely patterns and fabrics. The last dress (with pouffed sleeves) really jumps out at me in particular. I think it would pair really nicely with fitted blazers and medium sized hats.

    Wishing you a beautiful fall and tons of happy sewing, sweet dear,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Can't wait to see what you make! The dresses look lovely. My plans include working through my silk stash (too much material . . .must bust stash), making up some winter and fall dresses, separates, and some underpinnings (my first Lutterloh bra was a bust but will try again - maybe).
    Jennie from theuglydame.blogspot.com


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