Finished: Maxidress Burda Style


It  has been such a long time!! But finally something to show you again :) 

Actually, I was working on a different dress, but I needed a break because it's quite a challenging sewing project. Instead I made this maxidress I found in the Burda Style magazine (April 2017). I love maxidresses and I love leopard prints so when those two things come together it makes me very happy :D

Eventhough the construction of the bodice was quite a puzzle, the dress came together easily. The fit was also very good. I only needed to take in the side seams of the bodice a little and I added some length to the skirt. That's it! After struggling with the other dress, it was so good to make something easy again.

The dress is fully lined and I added a handpicked lapped zipper in the side seam. The hem is also handsewn with an invisible stitch. The seams in the skirt are finished with seam binding. Other than that I didn't really use any fancy sewing techniques. 

What else can I share about this dress? I don't know. It was a nice and easy project and I hope there'll be plenty of beautiful summer days ahead so I'm able to wear this dress :D 


  1. Looks great on you. I too love those easy projects once in awhile. . . helps keep me going.
    Jennie from theuglydame.blogspot.com


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