Finished: Pale Blue Dress

And another dress is photographed. At the sewing course we are making half scale dresses, but this one is an exception. I liked the design and wanted to make it to my own measurements instead of another half scale one. 

After drafting the block pattern I altered the pattern to recreate the dress from the picture we got during class. I moved the shoulder dart to the waist to get more ease which I used for gathers. To get the blouse-y effect I added some length to the bodice. The skirt has waist darts and a simple back vent.

I didn't make a mock up but went straight for the real deal, because i was wondering how much my dress would resemble the picture at the first go. At the course we are trained to draft patterns based on pictures the teacher is handing out to us. 

If you compare the dresses you can see that my neckline is wider and my bodice is more blouse-y. The woman in the picture has a beautiful hourglass figure and I'm more a 'banana' so this changes the look of the dress as well.

When it comes to how the dress fits me I would have changed the arm-hole because this way it's a bit too narrow for me. I'm unable to wear bra's with straps because the neckline is a bit too wide. So would I make this dress again I would draft a smaller neckline. I also would have made a bigger vent to create more movement.

Normally I never wear narrow fitted skirts so I feel a bit uncomfortable and I'm not sure it really works for my figure. But it was a nice change to make something full size instead of all the half scale dresses and blouses I've been making so far.

It's interesting to see how a drafted pattern comes to life and how it might or might not differ from what you have in mind! 


  1. Another lovely dress!! It reminds me a bit of the Vogue Galaxy dress. It's interesting to me to read this, as I've been thinking about drafting something like this, and it makes sense to consider bra straps in the width of the front shoulders.

  2. Another great dress! I think the color of blue and the slim skirt works well on you. The neckline too looks really unique. I remember my first sewing project with a slim skirt, I made the vent too long and whoops! It split and I was so thankful to have my coat to cover my behind.
    Jennie from theuglydame@blogspot.com

  3. Wow, I'm impressed what you obviously are learning at your sewing course! I always see lovely pictures of dresses or patterns that are not available anymore, so your newly achieved skill must come in very handy.
    The pale blue and slim shape of the dress can totally be worn by you, you are slim and the dress looks amazingly elegant on you! Well done!

  4. I love this dress it was onw of my favourites from the ones you have made. Very stylish and timeless.


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