Mix and match

Sewing weekend
This weekend is sewing weekend. From friday till sunday we will gather with 17 people in a farm where we can eat, sleep and of course sew. Although I have some projects which aren't finished yet, I want to create some other things. I thought it might be handy to avoid switching threads all the time in the sewing machine and serger and stay instead with the same color. The last days I have been searching for new projects, preparing the patterns and cutting the fabric. I already planned to make the Marion 1972 Dress. But I want to bring more. Probably I won't finish everything, but this way I can switch between projects if I feel like.

Other Projects
A while ago I made a blouse. After this project I concluded that I want to use this pattern again but with some alterations. The original pattern is from recent sewing magazine called Knipmode and has a really modern look. The blouse turned out really good and inspired me to use the pattern again for more, but different kinds of blouses.

For inspiration I looked up the internet and my own patterns. I want to make a 40s inspired blouse and a 50s inspired one. 

 I came up with three drawings. The first blouse is a 50s inspired blouse with a bow and puffed sleeves. The second one is 40s inspired with sleeves taken from the 70s dress. The third one is 40s inspired. The sleeves has cuffs and on the left front pannel a breast pocket. On the picture the end is pointed, but at the patterns I looked a the bottom of the pocket is square. Are there 40s blouses with pockets like I have drawn?
Otherwise I will change it to a square pocket to be more accurate. 


Changing the patterns
To change the patterns I used two books. The famous, Pattermaking for fashion desing written by Helen Joseph Armstrong. Besides this book I used Designing patterns written by Hilary Campbell. I love the first book, it's so comprehenive. But the second one is good for quick look ups and has in some cases easier methods to change a pattern. 

For blouse 1 I picked a slightly transparent tulip fabric. The flower fabric goes with blouse 2 and the red and white fabric will be used for the third blouse.


  1. He Antje! Wat was het gezellig he, dit weekend. Ik kom bij toeval je blog tegen via je facebook info. Ik was nieuwsgierig wie er allemaal een facebook account hadden. Sinds de zomer ben ik ook een beetje aan het bloggen. En jou ga ik volgen hoor! Groet, Anne.

    1. Het was inderdaad zeer geslaagd! Leuk dat je ook een blog hebt, ik voeg je toe!


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