Next Lutterloh project

I really feel like making more (summer) dresses. But I feel a bit guilty starting something new since I have quite a list with things to do. I promised myself to finish this list first before moving on to a new project. But after taking a look on my list I decided a can postphone a few projects because they are more suitable for winter/autumn. What is left, are a few sewing projects which needs to get finished. Perfect to finish when I work on a bigger sewing project. Another reason to start something new is that I really miss starting a new project, making the patterns, the fitting ecc. For the last couple of projects I used patterns I already used before. I also realised that sewing is my hobby and I think I should enjoy my hobby as much as possible, instead of doing things i don't feel like at that moment. I have little spare time so I would like to use it well.

So what shall I make?


My cat saved my day!


Today I finished my 70s Boudoir Dress. I decided to name the dress after the fabric which it's made of. 
I was really glad with how the dress turned out and was eager to take pictures of it. When I finished the dress this morning I tried it on and then the worst thing happened (well in a sewing kind of way) when I was closing the zipper, it broke! After all that work, my zipper broke :( 


Stranded Knitting: First Try

Okay, I know it's not the kind of weather to knit. But I'm hooked, I knit almost everyday, so I don't really mind.  Besides finishing my purple cardigan I tackling the technique of stranded knittng (knitting with two colours in one row). After a few attempts I think i'm getting it.


More new fabric

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I'm back from a small holiday with my family in law. We did some a lot of shopping. On friday we went to a market. There was one stand with lots and lots of fabric, the prices were even better. Of course, I couldn't resist. Here is what I bought:


New fabric

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I've been really busy lateley. Work and also preparing for my sewing exam. I never thought I would make it in time, but things are getting together now. I haven't finished any of my projects yet, but I've been thinking a lot about upcoming projects.


Another Knitting Update

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Last week I finished the shrug. The pattern has cables and some lace work. It wasn't really hard to knit, if you count right. Which can be hard if you're tired, I can tell you.  Outfit pictures will follow soon.