Finally an update and a new knitting project

It's been such a long time. The last months were hectic when it comes to my personal life. But now things have settled down a bit. One of the major things that happened was breaking up with my boyfriend after 6,5 years. It was difficult, but it was the right decision. I feel so relieved. 

I had such a lack of motivation when it came to crafting. I know I blogged earlier about being back on track. Alas, this was not the case. At the moment I'm still not sure how frequently I will blog again, but lets see what happens. 

Anyway, I started a new knitting project. The Egyptian Jumper turned out to be a huge failure, so I decided to not waste any time on this project and put it away.

I had this project on my to-do list for a very long time. It's a Rowan Pattern of a cardigan with roses. You have to knit the rose pattern in Intarsia and the background is knitted with the Fair Isle technique. Quite complicated, but fun to do!


  1. So sorry to hear about your breakup. :(

    The cardigan you are working on is soooo beautiful! I love roses.

    ~Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork

  2. Welcome back! Lovely to hear from you again. That rose pattern is so beautiful, it will turn out to be a wonderful jumper. Hope the crafting mojo kicks back in soon

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I hope to blog more regularly again!

  4. Zo fijn om weer wat van je te horen! Ik hoop dat het nu eindelijk weer wat beter met je gaat en weer wat meer creaties te zien! :) Dat vestje ziet er in ieder geval mooi uit!

  5. That sweater is nothing short of exquisitely beautiful.

    Sweet dear, I'm sincerely sorry that you've had to go through something so difficult, Even if it was for the better, that doesn't necessarily make it any easier in the moment. Way to go on knowing what was right for you and charting a better course for your future.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. This is a gorgeous jumper! I'm sorry to hear about your break up but glad that you feel you have done what is right for you.

  7. Beautiful! You have a great talent, Anthea. Keep going on!

  8. Nice to hear from you, but sorry to hear that it's been rough for you. Don't worry about the blogging, just do what ever feels nice. I love that new jumper your're working on. Sometimes handcrafts help you relax and allows you to put hard things aside for a moment. Hopefully the spring will be sunnier and happier for you!


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