Finished: 40s Slacks and blouse


I have some finished garments to show you!
Both pieces were finished last summer, but I never took the time to make photos. This morning I finally did. 

I don't wear trousers that often, although I have always liked wide legged trousers like you see during the 30s and especially during the 40. 

A couple of years ago I made the famous Simplicity 3688 trousers. If you're reading vintage sewing blogs for a while you migh have seen these trousers elsewhere, because they are very popular in the vintage sewing community. TashaDebi and Renée made some lovely slacks using the Simplicity 3688 pattern.
I'm not the person that uses a single pattern over and over again, so this time I choose Hollywood 800. 

These trousers are quite special to me, because it was my first project after my huge sewing slump. A friend of mine helped getting back on track with sewing. Every thursday evening we met and worked on our sewing projects. I'm so grateful that she helped me out with feeling better again. 

What I love  about them is that they have pleats at the front and another feature I like are the cuffs.
I used a black denimlike fabric which I had in my stash and was once gifted to me.

After finishing the slacks I wanted to make a matching blouse. I had this lovely white dotted fabric in my stash which I wanted to turn in a blouse. The pattern I used is McCall 6817 (1947).  

I like the button closure on the back and the puff sleeves. I didn't like the outside darts, so I decided to sew them on the inside. Really, I don't understand why designers think darts should be on the outside. I don't like them that way at all!

This pattern has been choosen because I wanted to practice bound buttonholes. At that time I was planning on making a coat which would have bound buttonholes. I wanted to practice a bit more before starting with the coat. So this pattern was just perfect to improve my skills.

Sewing both pieces was quite easy. It really helped me getting back into sewing again :)


  1. The combination of that sweet top and fab trousers makes a very charming outfit! You are obviously a skilled sewer! Xx

  2. Je bent weer een plaatje!

    De achterkant van de blouse vind ik ook heel leuk!

  3. I'm glad you got such good help from your friend! The outfit is lovely, and you look so happy:) It is good to have you back sewing. (also; your shoes = fab!!)

  4. Oh the trousers turned out great! I'm just so pleased you got Over the sewing slump and I hope you create more. I'd love to see everything you sew up! I think it's swell you chose the blouse to practice your bound buttonholes. That's a bit like what I do when I dislike an aspect of sewing, such as putting in zips, I just go out of my way to do it over and over until I've got it down real good and can do it quick. I don't use zips but I'll never know when I need to.
    Again, swell job of this ensemble (and eagerly awaiting more) It turned out thoroughly chic!

  5. That's a very beautiful outfit, you look great!
    LG Carolin

  6. I ben zo blij dat je weer creatief bezig bent! Ik word er altijd heel blij van om te zien wat je maakt <3 En ik ben toevallig ook weer broeken aan het naaien!

  7. What an immensely elegant, classic look. I'm in love with this outfit (which looks incredible on you!) and really like the width of those trousers. Wide legged ones always get my top vote.

    Big hugs & happy April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. What a fantastic outfit! I like both pieces very much. I can see that they will be hard working additions to your wardrobe.


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