Finished: Hot Pink Dress

Usually I prefer using printed fabrics over solid color fabric, but lately it seems I have converted to the solid color side. Both my recent makes and the sewing projects which I'm currently working are proof of this change.

The dress I want to show you today is a modern pattern which you can find in the January edition of Burda magazine. I made some changes because the pattern is made for knitted fabrics and I used unintentionally a woven fabric. The fabric I used was an online purchase and was sold to me as a stretch fabric, but when i received the fabric I discovered this wasn't the case. It was hard to find the right color so I decided to use this fabric anyway and changed the sewing pattern so it would fit me. 
The fabric is a very slippery woven rayon fabric. Alas it does crease easily but it's a real pleasure to wear :)

I intended to make 3/4 sleeves but accidentally traced full length sleeves and only remembered that I wanted 3/4 sleeves when I just finished hemming the sleeves. But I didn't feel like correcting this.

Sewing this dress wasn't difficult. The only more complicated part is the twisted part at the waist. Especially when you're not really good at visualising written descriptions like me. That's what I do like about vintage sewing patterns, they most often contain a lot of drawings and less words. But anyhow I managed to sew the pieces correctly in just one go, so it wasn't that bad!

Funny thing is that the city I'm living in is this years European Capital of Culture (ECC).Qhen I was wearing the dress for the first time and walked through the city center a photographer asked me to take pictures because he is working on a project which is part of the ECC :)

Are you more in to solid color fabrics or printed fabrics? Let me know! 


  1. Your dress is gorgeous, and I love the detail at the waist. I'm more of a fan of prints too, but like a plain fabric now and then.

  2. I absolutely adore the drape of this dress! And that color! It's so wonderfully vibrate!


  3. That dress looks great and the front twist detail looks amazing, not sure if I could ever attempt that myself. I think the long sleeve really works with dress. I am the same way with prints, I prefer them but recently I too have been working with solids . . .

    Great work!
    Jennie from theuglydame@blogspot.com


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